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This is the Blog of Editor Anjum Nayyar where she talks about behind-the-scenes at Masalamommas and her life as a mom and editor of the magazine. You can email Anjum at editor@masalamommas.com

Growing Up with Superstitions in a South Asian Family

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar Many of us have grown up with strange superstitions that have been passed down to us from our parents or grandparents. Some of them still follow us today! As a mom, which ones do you believe in?   Which ones do you think you’ll hold onto

Growing up Female: A Lesson in Parenting

 By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar @masalamommas As I sit here watching my son and daughter playing together, my heart melts.  My son is cuddling up to my daughter while she is reading a book; she puts her arm around him and says, ‘Aaja’.   As I sit and watch them smile and