How to Plan A Maternity Shoot: Some South Asian Inspiration

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What makes a good maternity shoot? How do you capture those special months leading up to the birth of your baby? For some of us, the idea sounds great but actually preparing for a maternity shoot is a whole other story. Preeti Moberg, can take the guesswork out of a maternity shoot and bring your ideas to life.

Preeti Moberg, the owner of The Big Fat Indian Wedding, a unique online resource for South Asian brides, decided to start the site because of her own wedding experience. While planning her own wedding, she found very little online, that spoke specifically to South Asian resources for weddings.  That site turned into more than just weddings…She’s now discovered the art of maternity shoots too. She recently had a little baby boy, and while pregnant,  she wanted to do a maternity photo shoot that was something special.

Here’s a look at a recent maternity shoot she did in San Francisco, and our interview with Preeti on the essentials for a maternity shoot.


What makes a good maternity shoot?
You can have any sort of setup for your maternity shoot, but the key to success is being relaxed. By the time your third trimester rolls around, you are tired and not very flexible.

A few tips:

  1. Have the shoot for no more than a couple of hours.
  2. Keep snacks and water with you.
  3. Wear clothes that you feel good in and work with your photographer on what types of outfits you can get/rent.  Use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. There are so many different styles and themes for maternity photos; decide on one that fits you and your spouse’s personality.

What should moms know before planning one, e.g. best trimester to shoot? what to wear, time of day?

The baby bump is perfect during the third trimester, around 30-36 weeks. Since you are at term at 36 weeks, it’s best to get the shoot done earlier just in case baby decides to show up.  If you are having a high-risk pregnancy, consider doing the shoot at the end of your second trimester (24-26 weeks).

You want to have your shoot early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t the strongest. Maternity shoots tend to be done outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature – your photographer can help you take advantage of the best sunlight.

How can pics be shared with family?
A couple photos to Facebook is a beautiful way to announce the end of the pregnancy. Keep an email list of your family and close friends so that you can send them the photographer’s viewing link.

What trends are you seeing in maternity shoots? e.g. location, style? 

Classic maternity photos feature floral crowns, cute baby clothes, a rocking horse, bassinet, books, tricycle.  If you want something different, you can do milk bath photography, maternity henna, saree style, black and white.  Choose a style and theme that suits you and your partner (don’t forget your partner will be in some of the photos).

You also want to consider the style of photographer – light and airy (using sunburst blowouts in the photos), bright and vivid, natural, or black and white.  Pinterest and Instagram are your best friends when getting inspiration!

Here's a look at a recent maternity shoot she did in San Francisco, and our interview with Preeti on the essentials for a maternity shoot.

South Asian women are doing more maternity photos today (judging that more are publicly sharing the pics). If you opt for a classic saree, you’re in good hands. They are a pregnant woman’s best friend since they can drape beautifully on the body. Use chiffon and other light fabrics for your saree. a ready-made blouse because many can be adjusted to your size.

How do you choose a maternity photographer?

Many wedding photographers double up as maternity photographers. If you are still in touch with yours, definitely reach out – you already have a rapport with them. Otherwise, go through referrals from friends. Occasionally Instagram will help though location searching is tricky.

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