Hashi Khushi: A Fun Interactive Way to Teach Young Kids Bengali Alphabets

Hashi Khushi App

Hashi Khushi App

We’re always on the lookout for apps that show interactive ways to teach the basics of various South Asian languages to young children. Research has shown that exposing kids at a young age to new languages can not only help them retain the language, but also helps make them better learners. Many of us masalamommas are no strangers to apps, and this one we found has already garnered ratings and a buzz!

Hashi Khushi HD is an interactive app that teaches Bengali alphabet in a fun way. Toddlers and up can  touch the letters and see/hear how they animate and the rhyme text is played out with colourful images.  The app also has a game of “drag-and-drop” that will help your child recognize the letters and learn the pronunciation with ease.




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Remember learning with nursery rhymes growing up? Hashi Khushi has 6  exciting rhymes that will help children learn their first words.   An entertaining way of learning Bengali alphabet for your little ones.  An iPhone version is also available. The app is one of the several Bengali education apps in the iTunes store. We’ve read  many reviews that users may prefer this one to some of the others because it’s got more interactive elements for kids to help them learn the Bengali alphabets easily.

Buy Ipad version – http://tinyurl.com/hash-khushi-hd
Buy Iphone version – http://tinyurl.com/hash-khushi-i

For more information on this app visit: www.hashi-khushi.com/

Have you tried this app? Tell us what you think, we’d love to include your feedback for other moms like you.

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