Move over Netflix, there’s a new player in town: OnPrimeTV

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Move over Netflix and chill, there’s a new player in town. OnPrimeTV may very well be on its way to overtake the TV viewing scene in our home.

 By Vaishali Kataria

Like most Indian families, between my own family and my in-laws we have quite a large family with minimum 30-50 immediate aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. Our family get-togethers bring an opportunity for all of us to have the occasional potlucks and showcase our fine culinary skills, while also chatting about the latest in Bollywood or pop culture…or that new serial they all love. So when I had an opportunity recently to preview a new amazing service currently offered in the UK, Italy and Germany; OnPrimeTV. I got the whole family involved.

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What I love: A one-stop shop of popular Indian channels in one place! OnPrime TV is an app-based OTT streaming service that offers popular foreign language film, television and news channels – all in one service. The South Asian Pack allowed me acces to B4U, Sony Max, Zee TV, Zee Punjabi, SET, Life OK and Life Gold. Imagine my delight as I logged onto my Apple TV (the app is also available on iOS mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad), signed up for the Hindi pack with OnPrimeTV to have all that is Bollywood in one place. For only 18 Euros per month, even the bargain hunter in me was impressed at the value! With the ease of navigating from your apps page, the accessibility to Indian programming was easy enough to show mum. No more fiddling with three remotes.

Check out all the programming available here.

My go-to show for simple yet delectable delights for the primary vegetarian family members has become Khana Kazana. A cooking show featured on Zee TV that features a style of cooking Indian dishes with a modern flare. It has added a new layer of delight into an already favourite activity of mine – cooking. Earning title of great new cook in the family thanks to this show has been the cherry on the top.


Mum and I were glued to the TV immediately as we scrolled through the many channels in the package. She loved seeing her favourite serials playing on SET and Zee TV. Papa, as much as he denies that he does not like to watch TV, was immediately hooked on a programme with Old is Gold songs from his youth he heard playing.  I, on the other hand, couldn’t move away once the cooking shows and song and dance numbers started.












A little bit of everything for everyone. Even hubby – who’s not too keen on Indian, shows managed to find documentaries (the one thing he WILL watch besides football and cricket).

As a mom, I cherish my “me time”, especially after a long day at work. Once the day’s activities are finished, dishes put away, kids in bed – I love that I can turn on the TV and flick through any of the Hindi channels and always find something on one of them that will immediately transport me to another world, another time.

I especially enjoyed watching The Kapil Sharma Show and Dance India Dance. Every time I visit my mom, those two shows seem to be our go-to programmes each and every time. The Kapil Show makes us both laugh with his silliness.

To be honest, these two shows allow a priceless memory to re-live itself every time I watch them.

The easy access to the shows has given mum and me another way to have conversations about culture, family and life. It’s almost as if I can hear my mom’s laughter and see her enjoying the dance numbers in Dance India Dance. It makes the distance of an ocean between us a bit more bearable.

I love it that on our weekly calls, we can now share the latest updates on these shows. We now schedule regular mom/daughter date nights in which we can watch a programme together via Face Time.

Ultimately at the end of the day, this wonderful programming allows a great chance for families to come together, in person or via the advent of technology. You can’t put a price on the joys brought to the hearts and smiles on the lips of the ones you love.

Here’s how to subscribe:




Have more questions about this service? Check out the FAQ section on the service here.

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