Mommy Diaries


This Column by Sheba Siddiqui shares her personal views on life as a South Asia masalamomma of three .

What Influences How We Choose Toys As Moms?

  Encouraging Gender-Neutral Play By Sheba Siddiqui @shebasid & online at:   I always wanted a little girl. After having two boys, I yearned for pink and bows. My entire house was filled with cars, trucks, superheroes and whoopee cushions and I longed to see a Barbie or doll

Teaching My Kids About the Value of Money

By Sheba Siddiqui @shebasid & online at The First Step In Teaching My Children To Be Financially Responsible I’ve always been a firm believer that financial debt is the enemy. I don’t spend more than I can, I’m not embarrassed to state when I can’t afford something and I

Push Presents: Required Or Repulsive?

By Sheba Siddiqui @ShebaSid & online:   The first time I ever heard the word push present, I was visiting a girlfriend’s new baby. As I sat down to cuddle her beautiful bundle of joy, she pointed out a tiny blue Tiffany’s jewelry box on the coffee table and