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  1. Bharti Damani

    I recently launched a book called The Water Wheel, on eKindle and wanted to get the word out to all interested in reading about a time in India’s history mostly forgotten by many of us today. The book is an historical romance novel set in 1816 Shimla, India and focuses upon the Gorkha warriors and the British East India Company.

    I would love to take the opportunity to speak to someone at Masala Mommas about this book.

  2. Bal

    Hi, I came across your site earlier on today and I’ve already watched a bunch of the videos via you tube. I’ve explored the site and apologies if you have this and I haven’t seen it but I thought it would be really interesting to get a male perspective on some of the stuff you talk about. Many of the guests you have had on to talk about parenting/family life all talk about ‘we’ and mention how they are team. How their partner is so supportive of their career, how they share the home/child care load etc. It would be good to here it from a dads perspective. I noticed your ‘raising boys’ article but how about ‘raising girls’ from a Modern dads perspective!

    Just a suggestion.

    One last thing, there is so much Sikh/Punjabi topics here, I noticed articles regarding Divali but I didn’t see a Bandi Choor Diwas reference. Again maybe I missed it…but if I didn’t maybe you could do one in October.

    Great site though. With love all the way from across the pond in the UK.

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