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As a modern South Asian working or stay-at-home mom, it’s not easy to juggle family, extended family and sometimes a career while maintaining your own sanity in the face of cultural expectations.

Also add the “things to do” or “not do” to the list and you will find yourself wanting a “time out” with a massive  cup of chai by the end of the work week! is an online magazine for today’s South Asian  mothers and moms-to-be or moms with a South Asian connection, showcasing ideas and experiences that enable them to juggle everyday life.

This web magazine also features interviews with experts as well as moms themselves in various fields who offer information and tips for mothers with a South Asian connection. From parenting through a cultural lens, education, intercultural marriage and relationships, business tips, cooking tips and recipes, cool tech must-haves to  health news — each issue will be packed full of engaging stories with audio interviews and video. will explore concerns that you mention over chai with the girls but never really resolve — all injected with a bit of humour and fun. Whether you’re a South Asian working mom or stay-at-home mom, a masalamomma married into a South Asian family or someone who just wants to incorporate a little South Asian flare into your family’s lifestyle, masalamommas offers a bit of everything.

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Photo Credit: Enum Malik Event: Masalamommas Tweetup 2013 Anjum Nayyar, Writers Yashy Selvadurai Murphy, Jasjit Sangha, former writer, Angie Seth and Binu Dhindsa with Masala Bhangra Founder Sarita Jain is the brainchild of award-winning journalist and mother of two, Anjum Choudhry Nayyar. She has been a journalist for more than 10 years with experience in broadcast, print and online communications.

Once she married and had children, Anjum found herself constantly wondering about the rules and customs surrounding various South Asian traditional family occasions.

Although she grew up in a South Asian family herself, she found that sometimes it wasn’t always clear how she could provide the best blend of traditional and modern when it came to parenting. She was also faced with the daily push and pull of balancing work life with home life. As a mother of two young children, she often wondered how other young moms facing the same issues juggled it all. Having always had a passion for writing, Anjum created to meet that need. Her goal was to help  South Asian women to celebrate and commiserate about the challenges and opportunities that come along with being a mother with roots in traditional South Asian culture.


Who is a masalamomma?


masalamommas are strong, passionate, ambitious and sexy. Most of all, we’re empowered women and mothers, with let’s face it, a little bit of spice. But masalamommas don’t do it all without the help of good friends and family — they’re the masala that gives us our kick.

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Guys/Husbands: This is a cricket-free and sports-free zone– so stop looking over your wife/partner’s shoulder while she takes the time to have a chai and read the latest issue of!


More about the Editor

Anjum Choudhry NayyarAnjum, a Toronto native, has extensive experience in the television world as a News Anchor, Reporter, and Health beat reporter. She began her career in Chicago, where as a Masters Journalism student at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, she covered the juvenile court house in the city’s south west side. She specialized in broadcast journalism.  She also anchored and reported on a health segment for the city’s suburban regional cable channel’s one- hour program.

She went on to become an intern for CBS in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill during the Clinton presidency, where she was the Washington Correspondent for WISC-News 3 in Madison, Wisconsin and also for WMJI-FM in Cleveland, Ohio. In D.C. she reported on a broad range of topics such as health, gun safety laws and social security.  She then returned to her home in Canada, and landed a job at MTN/A-Channel Winnipeg, where she covered the province’s pivotal election and health issues that confront the aboriginal and local communities.

She also anchored the station’s half hour noon news show where she hosted the show live in the field. She then became part of the daily news team at the New VR/A-channel in Barrie where she reported live for its daily newscasts. She went on to become a reporter/back up anchor at OMNI NEWS in Toronto as well as reporting, writing and producing a health segment for the South Asian News program.

Here she won several awards for her coverage of health stories including the runner-up Journalism Award for Excellence in Women’s Health Reporting from the Society of Gynecologists of Canada for her story on “Breast Cancer Misconceptions in the South Asian Community,” as well as Best News Story 2004 from Toronto EMS for her story on its multilingual emergency services. She has also written magazine articles for several magazines and is now the Publisher, Editor, for

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