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This is the Blog of Editor Anjum Choudhry Nayyar where she talks about behind-the-scenes at Masalamommas and her life as a mom and editor of the magazine. You can email Anjum at editor@masalamommas.com

Helping Daughters Navigate Body Image

 By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar As a young girl growing up, I never felt that I was ever classified as, ‘beautiful’. My mom always told me how beautiful I was and I never felt the messaging I got was anything but appropriate. My mom did a great job in how she

Finding Female Leaders: Art of Leadership for Women

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar A SPECIAL OFFER OF UP TO $100 off on the Art of Leadership for Women Conference! Details at the end of this post. With gender such a big part of our conversations at masalamommas, I am always looking for events that truly inspire female leadership. I