Growing Up with Superstitions in a South Asian Family


By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

Many of us have grown up with strange superstitions that have been passed down to us from our parents or grandparents. Some of them still follow us today! As a mom, which ones do you believe in?


Which ones do you think you’ll hold onto as you go through motherhood? We asked some of our readers what some of their most common superstitions were which they grew up with.

Here’s that list!


  • Always put a kala tikka (eyeliner dot) behind kids’ ears to prevent evil eye
  • Don’t share your clothes or shoes – you will inherit their luck.
  • Don’t cut your hair or nails on Fridays.
  • If the comb drops while you’re combing your hair, you’ll get visitors.
  • Don’t leave your shoe upside down otherwise something bad will happen to your mom.
  • Don’t pass salt otherwise you’ll fight with that person.
  • Don’t wear new clothes on Saturday or you will get bad luck.
  • If the crow caws outside your house, expect guests!
  • Don’t buy steel/iron on a Saturday and always buy steel/iron for your home on Diwali
  • If anybody sneezed when leaving the house, everyone must come back inside, take off coats/shoes and sit down for a while, and then get ready to go again.
  • Don’t eat directly out of the pot on the stove because it will rain on your wedding day
  • Don’t take shower after eating
  • Don’t cut nails in the dark.
  • Don’t count money at night – OR don’t put your purse on the floor – you will lose money.


 What’s on your list? share your superstitions with us here!

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