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A column by Recruitment specialist and masalmomma Shweta Jacob who gives us a look at tips and info on juggling working from home, outside the home or in the home as a mom, mom-to-be with a South Asian connection. Email story ideas, questions or feeback to: columnists@masalamommas.com

Job Hunting 101

By Shweta Jacob @shwetajacob & online at: shwetasays.com On July 16th, after a 13 year illustrious career with Google, mom-to-be Marissa Meyer resigned and announced her new position as CEO of Yahoo! Not only was it ground-breaking for a woman to be appointed to this position, but for a woman

New Column: MM @ Work

The working masalamomma comes in all forms: work from home, work at home, working outside the home..it’s a juggle whether you work or not. Sometimes some of us look to make that next career move, that return to work transition or want to quit our day jobs to start something