How ‘The MomShift’ Helped Me Follow My Dream


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This post is a look at author  Reva Seth’s book, The Mom Shift.

5634523The MomShift is the first book to exclusively research and showcase the stories of a diverse range of relatable women who share the multitude of ways in which they achieved greater career success after starting their families.
Women are regularly told that having children will hurt their careers–until now. In The MomShift, Reva Seth talked to over 500 mothers from a broad range of professional and personal backgrounds who have defied cultural expectations and achieved greater professional success after starting their families.  For these women and others like them, having children actually enhanced their work life: by helping them prioritize and set bigger goals, inspiring them to work harder and smarter or even spurring them to start their own businesses.   (

Imagine being the guest of honour at a cocktail party where you get a chance to meet mothers from all walks of life who have navigated the minefield known as “working motherhood.”

Imagine being able to hear each of them tell their tales, what defines success for them and how they balanced it all. Some women followed the traditional corporate ladder while others chose entrepreneurship, but all in all they have found a way to find meaning in what they do.


In The Mom Shift, South Asian author and mother of three Reva Seth puts together a cocktail party of sorts with over 500 working moms in attendance. Through these working moms, she puts to bed the notion that becoming a mother equals being less ambitious. In fact, Reva shares story after story of women whose careers took off after becoming mothers. Interspersed throughout these stories are items Reva highlights to be considered. For instance, women looking to start their own business should think about how to “prepare your family, prepare to be overwhelmed and to invest in finding your community.”


MM @ Work Columnist

MM @ Work Columnist

I loved the story of the women who re-invented their careers after having kids, as well as those who climbed the corporate jungle gym. It was refreshing to hear women explain that they were more effective and focused at work after having kids, something that I have felt myself. Not to mention that I am not alone in wanting to have a daughter be proud of her mother’s accomplishments.  This book has motivated me to continue to pursue success in my career therefore this masalamomma will be signing off for some time.

When I returned from maternity leave, I took a step back in my career for one year so that I could get used to working full-time with a beautiful little girl in daycare. I then took a side-step so that I could gain some much needed skills which would benefit me long-term. With my daughter now four years old and about to start school full-time, the time feels right for my career to move forward.

Luckily, I just landed my dream job where I will be responsible for recruitment within Canada, the U.S and the U.K. This will likely mean long workdays and occasional travel. With these additional responsibilities, I will sadly be taking a break from blogging for the next year. However, if someone can organize that cocktail party, I will come running!


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