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A column by Recruitment specialist and masalmomma Shweta Jacob who gives us a look at tips and info on juggling working from home, outside the home or in the home as a mom, mom-to-be with a South Asian connection. Email story ideas, questions or feeback to: columnists@masalamommas.com

To Work or Not to Work, That’s the Question

By Vidya Venkatesh @vidav “I’m feeling guilty” is an inescapable emotion that no mom is spared of.  As author Erica Jong said “show me a women who doesn’t feel guilty and I’ll show you a man”.   When I had my twin boys, many questioned my decision to resume full-time

“Why Did You Leave Your Job?”

Breaking Up is Hard To Do By Shweta Jacob @shwetajacob & online at: www.shwetasays.com We all know how hard it can be. We all know how difficult it can be to talk about. How do you discuss drifting apart? Or getting dumped out of the blue? Similarly, how do you

Falling in Love-With Work

By Shweta Jacob @shwetajacob & online: shwetasays.com February, the month of love. The month when pink and red are the colours that dominate and restaurants host couples trying to express their love for each other. For those of us on the East Coast, February is also filled with cold temperatures