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A column by Recruitment specialist and masalmomma Shweta Jacob who gives us a look at tips and info on juggling working from home, outside the home or in the home as a mom, mom-to-be with a South Asian connection. Email story ideas, questions or feeback to: columnists@masalamommas.com

MM @ Work Contributor: Vidya Venkatesh

Our newest MM@ Work contributor, Vidya Venkatesh! Vidya is no stranger to masalamommas, she’s been a guest blogger off and on since 2012. As a mom who’s worked in the corporate world juggling twins, there’s no shortage of work-life-motherhood experience for Vidya. “Motherhood has been such a powerful teacher on so

Learning to Take Time Out As a Mom

MOMMA GETS HER GROOVE BACK By Shweta Jacob @shwetajacob & online at: shwetasays.com If you’ve wondered why this Masalamomma hasn’t written recently the answer is simple. I was EXHAUSTED. Exhausted by work, family, summer travels, house maintenance and everything else in between. Don’t get me wrong; I love summer and

The Pressure to Thrive As a Working Mother

By Vidya Venkatesh @vidav One of the aspects of parenting that caught me by complete surprise and has left me gasping has been the relentlessness of it all! It seems like despite being on my feet, and planning and scheduling every hour of my day, I still end the day