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Pantene Gives the 101 on Hair Care

By Kavita Suri @kavitasurispa Did it ever occur to you that Hair Care is as important as Skin Care?  At the Pantene Beautiful Hair Bar Event you found out just that. As we all have different “Skin Types”, we also have different “Hair Types” from Dry, Oily to Fine.  The

Back to School Beauty Tips…For Moms

By Kavita Suri @kavitasurispa   It’s back to school this week and kids are a priority but what about you? Summer camping, BBQ and outdoor activities with the kiddies may have taken a toll on your skin and maybe even your hair. The sun gives us warmth and makes us

Peel v.s. Hydrafacials? Anti-Aging At its Finest

By Kavita Suri @kavitasurispa Dear Skin, Why are you showing signs of Aging?   Dear Mirror, Make my Youth come back…. The conversations we have with ourselves!  Finding the best solution is key and sometimes a challenge with all that is available in the beauty market place. Facials and skin