Peel v.s. Hydrafacials? Anti-Aging At its Finest

Skincare facial treatment at day spa

By Kavita Suri @kavitasurispa

Beauty Editor, Masalamommas

Beauty Editor, Masalamommas

Dear Skin,

Why are you showing signs of Aging?


Dear Mirror,

Make my Youth come back….

The conversations we have with ourselves!  Finding the best solution is key and sometimes a challenge with all that is available in the beauty market place. Facials and skin Care products are a lifestyle commitment. As mother’s this would most probably be the last on your list; why not make it one of your Top 5’s for 2013.

Let’s throw out the ‘tired worn out look’ and bring back your GLOW.


As your Beauty Expert I have chosen two prestigious facial treatments that are available in select spas. Being an owner of a very busy Med Spa we are proud to host two of these facials that  our clients rave about and are addicted to because of the immediate results the experience.


Peels &. Hydrafacials


What are Peels?


Skincare facial treatment at day spaThe word ‘peels’ could be frightening to some but it is far from what it sounds like. Let’s keep it simple it does not “peel your face off”

The ultimate goals with peels is to deeply exfoliate your epidermis layer to rid dead skin cells that is reducing the appearance of fresh youthful skin. If you have pigmentation, acne, acne scarring or dull dry skin peels are your number one choice in reaching your goal to flawless skin.


Types of Peels:

  • Glycolic is advance solution for exfoliation, skin smoothing and re-texturing
  •  Lactic caters to rehydration and mild exfoliation to improve fine lines and skin brightening
  •  Salicylic functions best with Acne skin and is advance exfoliation


What are Hydrafacials?

The Golden Globe Awards was shimmering not only with beautiful gowns but GLOWING Dewy skin.  Hydrafacial is the go-to- facial for celebrities and brides.  Gaining its fame in LA Toronto finally has this amazing machine that works wonders for the skin making it accessible for all clients that desire ‘the GLOW’.

Hydration is the foundation of healthy looking skin, this technology it very similar to the microdermabrasion system where instead it infuses antioxidants into your skin along with the famous Hyaluronic acid as the finishing serum.


As delightful as it sounds it really is just that for all skin types.


Treatment Protcol:

  • Both the Hydrafacial and Peel facial program is not your typical aesthetic spa facial.  It is recommend 4 sessions every 4 weeks to ensure you receive the BEST results. As mentioned earlier it is a lifestyle commitment therefore you also need to consider what you keep on your bathroom counter as your facial regime.
  •  To choose between Peels and Hydrafacial it all depends on the needs of your skin. book in a consultation with a specialist to assess your skin and provide you with the best care.


Til Then…

Stay Beautiful,

Kavita Suri








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