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By Kavita Suri @kavitasurispa

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty, A Pantene Ambassador

Did it ever occur to you that Hair Care is as important as Skin Care?  At the Pantene Beautiful Hair Bar Event you found out just that.

As we all have different “Skin Types”, we also have different “Hair Types” from Dry, Oily to Fine.  The main question is ‘What is the Best Hair Care’ for You?’

As you walk through the drug store Aisle choosing a shampoo because it is on SALE, you are most likely choosing the WRONG hair care.

Pantene Shampoo & Condition is a prominent Brand amongst the South Asian Women with a recent launch of Shilpa Shetty gracing the Pantene Ads.


Let’s ensure you are going to make the RIGHT choice by visiting the online “Personal Consultation” guide on the Pantene website.

On Feb 7th Pantene Beautiful Hair Bar Launched it’s “Damage Detox Hair Collection”. I was smiling ear to ear as I was very impressed on how Pantene Hair Care has tapped into the ‘Skin Care’ style of Product Development…SMART!!!  The purpose of this line is to Revitalize your hair from everyday elemental exposure once a week.


Kavita Suri and Pantene Hair Expert

Kavita Suri and Pantene Hair Expert

I also had the opportunity to speak with Expert Pantene Stylist, Justin German, Owner of SHAG Hair Salon in Yorkville – Toronto. Justin and I spoke about the importance of adding the Step of Detoxing to your Hair Care System. “It prevents future Damage Control and nourishes the hair from blow drying and harsh water” said German. We also learned about some common hair myths, like washing hair often can damage hair, colouring can cause ends to break off and more. Here’s a complete list!

I probed Justin by challenging him with what I currently use and how Pantene can match up to that. Number 1 product recommendation was the ‘2 Minute Make Over Repair Vile’. I am a huge fan of serums and leave in treatments.

1970836_10153890636410595_234915748_nPantene Beautiful Hair Bar Hosted a Salon Style Event recently for South Asian media which was a great pampering event. I was so consumed with all the information and women around, it was very exciting.

A Beauty Expert walked me  and editor of masalamommas, Anjum Nayyar, through an online questionnaire to Discover  “My Right Pantene” -Moisture Protect. I recently lightened my hair, so therefore I have fragile, color damaged hair, that needs extra care ‘oh what we do to be blondes’. Along with the online consult, I sat with a Professional Stylist that confirmed that the products chosen online were the RIGHT ones.

I also learned how to apply conditioner in my hair. After shampooing your roots with your fingers comb the conditioner through your hair avoiding the root area, do not tie your hair back; rinse out after 2 – 5min.

The Salon Event included a Blow Out, which meant a Shampoo by and expert, this is my quick escape. The stylist I was working with did a fantastic shampoo, in fact, she also recommended the ‘2 Minute Make Over Repair Vile’.

detox_innerbannerI was lucky enough to receive the treatment during my visit. I have to admit, I am a salon junkie, therefore I am a bit ahead of the game when it comes to ‘what a great blow out is and the result of high quality products’.

After my Blow Out I was actually surprised with the outcome. I think when you know there is a ‘Drug Store’ brand being applied to your hair you would not expect a ‘Salon Product Experience’. I did in fact have a ‘Salon Product Experience’ my hair felt healthy and the Blow Out was beautiful.

‘2 Minute Make Over Repair Vile’,  You are on my list of Must Have’s!!!!

Hair Care has come to a Complete circle in our Generation…what’s NEXT?!?!?

Stay Beautiful,



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