6 Themed Menu Ideas for Mother’s Day

mother’s day menu ideas

A Masalalicious menu for mom

Brunch and Mother’s Day go hand in hand but what if you want to do something different? Whether it’s at home or outside with friends and family, here are six ways to celebrate mom with food and enjoyment.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Wake up Mom with tea/coffee and her breakfast bedside. Try these overnight daliya, whole wheat cardamom spice muffins or masala french toast, served with an extra side of love.

mother's day brunch ideas

mother's day

  1. Picnic in the Park

Skip the busy restaurant scene and opt for a family picnic in the park. Here are some easy make ahead items to pack in your picnic basket. Pack up your favorite iced tea, keema lettuce wraps and fruit custard.

Indian inspired iced teas


mother's day brunch











3.Tea Party

Treat Mom to an at home tea party filled with scones, savories and sweets. We suggest Roasted Corn & Mushroom Cheese Puffs, Cholay Chaat Phyllo Pastry Cups, Cardamom Chai and Pistachio Scones and Walnut Citrus Pound Cakes.

Roasted Corn & Mushroom Cheese Puffs + 5 simple holiday appetizers








pistachio scones for mother's day

4. Fire up the Grill

Let Dad take charge of dinner by grilling family favorites. Our grill favorites include Tandoori Chicken, Masala Punched Marinade, Smoky Tandoori Tofu Steaks.

mother's day menu

tandoori marinade m












  1. A Taste of Childhood

Find out Mom’s favorite childhood dishes and try to recreate them. It’s a gift of love and thoughtfulness that she’ll be sure to appreciate.

  1. Dinner Party

Who doesn’t love a luxury dinner with your favorite meal items. Recreate a formal dinner party at home with having the family dress up, hiring a helping hand or enlisting the help of kids if they’re old enough and bring out the meal course by course. Put a modern twist on classics like dal chawl and gajar ka halwa with Mung bean bowls and gajrela cream cups.










What’s your favourite recipe? Wishing all of our masalamommas a Happy Mother’s Day!

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