Recipe: Breakfast Daliya, Homemade Cereal

homemade breakfast cereal

As fall approaches some of my favourite go to meals become staples that can be made ahead. These meals not only save time but help in meal planning. While planning dinner is the norm, breakfast planning can also be a life saver on those busy mornings when school is in session and everyone is in a rush to get to school and work.


Daliya is one of those meals that can be made ahead of time and customized to everyone’s liking. Daliya is a breakfast cereal that is popular in South Asian households. It can be found under the names of cracked wheat, fada, bulgur wheat and/or lapsi. It’s typically made of unrefined broken wheat and is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, iron, phosphorous and minerals. Due to its high fiber content and low glycemic index , Daliya leaves you feeling fuller for longer. It’s a great grain choice for diabetics and young children.

The versatility of daliya makes it a staple on many homes. Namkeen (savory) versions include sautéed onions, mixed vegetables and spices. Mashed it up a bit and you have a hearty healthy baby food option.

A popular way of consuming it is with hot milk, served like oatmeal. Sweet versions include the addition of fruits, nuts, gur, jaggery or honey. Cooked on a low heat it becomes a sweet porridge.


Tip: Soaking daliya in water a couple of hours before cooking, helps lessen cooking time.

The recipe I’m sharing below is a basic sweet version, to this you can add your favorite fruits, nuts and toppings to make it your favorite. I added strawberries and a splash of milk! You can make it in large batches for a few days at a time, saving you time on busy mornings.


Make Ahead Breakfast Daliya BreakfastDaliya_2



1/2 cup daliya, washed & pre soaked for at least an hour

2 1/2 cup water

2 tablespoon gur or brown sugar

1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder



  • On warm water on medium high heat and mix in pre-soaked daliya. BreakfastDaliya_3
  • Let cook for 25-30 minutes mixing occasionally.
  • Once it’s a semi thick porridge consistency mix in gur and cardamom powder. Remove from heat and let sit.
  • Add your favorite toppings and enjoy hot or cold!
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