Recipe: Spicy Gobi Tikki

gobi tikki


By Soni Satpathy-Singh

I know you may be thinking that spicy anything isn’t an option for kids or even for some adults for that matter! But before you pass on this recipe, a quick note, you can control the amount and type of spices you put in this dish to appeal to a mixed group.

Now before we get into ingredient omissions and ways to make and serve this dish, we’ll give you a little refresher tikki. How is it different from tikka? Tikka is usually small cutlets of meat marinated in aromatic spices and dahi and then cooked. That’s not what we are making today. If tikka is meat cutlets, tikki is vegetable cutlet or croquettes.


In Mumbai, aloo tikki is referred to as ragda pattice and is perhaps one of the most beloved tikki in India. What I have for you though is similar but almost carb-free. In lieu of aloo, I use steamed and mashed gobi and it is delicious!

Time to cook! Let’s get to the recipe and the variations in which it can be served and eaten.


When entertaining, I double or even triple the recipe. When it comes time to mix in the masalas (see recipe below), I make two mounds of mashed cauliflower – one complete with green chili and chili powder. However, I omit these two ingredients for the second “mound” which is my kid-friendly batch. I leave in all the other ingredients except the stuff that packs heat. Either way, this recipe works a crowd and is easily adjustable.









I like to serve these with chutneys and kancha piaj, along with sour cream spiced with cumin powder and black salt. A chutney assortment goes well with these as well. And don’t forget the bottomless cup of chai!










I have even served these for dinner before and they are greeted with delight by both kids and adults! My favorite way to serve them is as tikki sliders. Smear mint chutney on one-half of the roll, imli chutney on the other half, and in between a tikki, a small beefsteak tomato slice, and red onion and boom! A flavor-packed meal!










Not feeling sliders. Simply make bigger burger-sized tikki balls and cook per directions. Serve between a regular sized bun and you have yourself a veggie burger.



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