How to Plan a First-Year Baby Shoot

indian baby shoot
by Preeti Moberg
One year in the making, the little bean bump who first appeared in the ​maternity photo shoot ​is
now one years old!
Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot

Time sure flies by and when it came to putting together a follow up photo shoot to our maternity shoot, we wanted to
focus on the little raj.  Because you’re only a baby once.
The team of wedding professionals who put this together smashed it (not the cake at least, that
was for the little man!).

baby photography

Picking items from our own house, the team put together a shoot that paid homage to maternity shoot but also his personality of being a lively, outdoors baby.

There was the traditional smash cake created by Ma Petite Maison Cake Design to match Preeti’s outfit (worn in both shoots).
smash cake
Preeti nearly fainted at the rate he loved that chocolateblock! It might just be the little raj’s first and last time eating fondant ;)

The Hindi alphabet blocks celebrated Preeti’s Indian heritage, along with the Indian outfits.Catch the dhoti (pants) that the little man is wearing matching a brocade sherwani. but to pair that dhoti casually, he went with a pink polo top. And who says boys can’t wear pink?



Despite a somewhat unruly model (have you photographed a toddler?!), we’re so happy with the photos. Of course, we had tons more inspiration from the pinterest board, but when your model has a total meltdown just as the shoot starts, you’re like…ERRRR! But with the focus being about his live and personality, this was more than just a pinterest photo shoot ­ this photo shoot is celebrating that first year of life, our heritage, and that time is truly ephemeral. I hope these photos inspire you to celebrate being Indian in all forms.








Here are four tips to help you plan a one year shoot:

1. Make sure the kiddo eats and naps beforehand.
2. Bring props from your own home : books, stuffed toys, blocks, blankets, clothes
3. Move fast in the photo shoot. Guess what, those babies get so annoyed posing for you!
4. If possible, have the photo shoot at home or a familiar place.  Being familiar means
being more relaxed.  Plus, the less people present the better (too many people can be overwhelming)
Vendor credits:

Models: Bindis and Bottles

Design/Planning: The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Styling: Creative Collaborations

Cake: Ma Petite Maison Cake Design

Photography: Fancy Fig Photography, The Lighthouse at Glen Cove Marina,  Vallejo, CA

Flowers: Amy Eimer Design

Makeup/Hair: MSutra Bride

Learn more about Preeti Moberg over on TheBigFatIndianWedding where she is also the CEO. Follow her blog on twitter and Facebook.

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