Summer Kids’ Writing Competition

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Trying to pry your kids away from their increased screen time this summer? Looking for a fun way for your children to be busy, yet engaged?

We have just the fix!

We are partnering with KitaabWorld, a one-stop shop for South Asian books, toys and games for our first ever Summer Writing Competition.


We invite children from six to 18 to share their stories about “My Favorite South Asian Festival”. Do they like eating sweet treats on Eid, lighting firecrackers on Diwali, or enjoying a bonfire on Lohri? With over 50 different South Asian festivals to choose from, tell us which one colors your world!

Send us your essays, short stories, poems and drawings by August 31, 2016. Select entries will be featured on KitaabWorld and Masalamommas!

One lucky winner from the 6-10 age category will win a personalized name book from The Little GuruSkool, and another from the 11-18 category will get a chance to choose two awesome books from KitaabWorld!


Sharpen those pencils and reboot that computer, we want to hear all about how you celebrate your favorite South Asian festival!

Read the submission guidelines (pdf) for more information, and email us at if you have any other questions!

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