TeaIndia’s Chai Moments Milk Tea: A Review

Tea India’s Milk Tea Review

Milk TeaWhen I went to India in my teens, I would see the chai-wallahs dole out milk tea at their stalls and the smells from their thermoses were amazing. It’s no wonder that to this day the smell of Indian tea brings memories of growing up, chats with my mom and my travels to India.

When I was 17, it was my mom who introduced me to traditional Indian milk tea. While making masala chai was an art in our home, the traditional milk tea was all about making sure the ‘patheela’ (pot) had the right proportion of hot milk heated with all the ingredients of tea especially when guests were over.

I remember my mom standing side-by-side with me in our kitchen teaching me how to make milk tea and explaining why I needed to learn this as a young woman. Traditionally it’s the woman that always welcomes guests including future in-laws with a traditional cup of tea, she would say. When I first got engaged I was put to the test and told to go make milk tea for my husband’s parents when they came to meet my parents for the first time.

For most of us South Asian women, milk tea is the default type of tea. It’s that sweet aroma that gets me going on cool weekdays and weekends.

A few months ago, I discovered that Tea India makes a milk tea to go in their Chai Moments line. Let me just say I was a bit skeptical about the tea tasting like the original I would have experienced growing up. Tea India has created an authentic line of Indian teas to offer the ultimate tea-experience. Chai Moments began with 3 different flavours, Ginger, Masala and Cardamom. Milk tea is the newest addition to their family.

Tea India box


Not only is the tea  easy to make but it really does leave that waft of chai nostalgia over you soon after you’ve finished a sip. It’s a great option for those of you moms who want to change it up and not have the traditional ‘spice’ taste of masala chai hit your lips at every tea break.

Chai Moment’s Milk Tea has already got milk added and even just the right hint of sweetness that you need only to add a dash of sugar if you need it. I needed about half a teaspoon.

 Watch how easy it is to make this tea!

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Milk tea is most popular in Ireland, England, Scotland, Sri Lanka, India and Hong Kong and usually is prepared with a strong black tea. The goal for the milk is to cut the strong, bitter flavor of the tea since milk is known to bind with some of the bitter compounds found in black tea.

What I loved about the tea:

Taste: The Chai Moments Milk Tea had a hint of sweetness without the strong taste of masala or spice which is great for a mid afternoon or after dinner tea break. While I like to start my day in the morning with something stronger, I don’t always want the same strong tea taste in the middle of my day or post an Indian dinner. The tea has chicory root and Tea India’s instant black tea powder.

IMG_0825 1

It’s a great tea for a cold afternoon and if you love ‘mattis’ they go perfectly with this tea. Another great milk tea pairing is savory Indian snacks like samosas or sev or even crispy flour chips.

The Smell: The smell really made me remember making tea with my mom during karvachauth in October/November when she would break her fast with a cup of milk tea in the late afternoon.

The smell of milk boiling on its own is a bit strong for my liking when you mix it with tea, it leaves a sweet finish. This tea is like a warm hug on a cool fall day …(I hate fall so this is a great pick-me -up!)

Compared to TeaIndia’s other Chai Moment teas, this tea doesn’t have a strong pungent smell (which I love too by the way). Once brewed, the tea has a familiar milky-caramel colour.

Ease of use: One pack of the Chai Moments Milk tea is more than enough for an 8oz serving. I tried half a pack vs. the full pack. If you want less of the black tea taste and more sweetness using half a pack works however in order to have the right balance of black tea and sweet milk taste you need the full pack.

It’s super easy to make the tea, just boil a cup (6 to 8 oz) or more of water, (make sure the water is steaming) empty one pack of the milk tea powder and pour the boiling water as you mix the powder with spoon!


I did have my mom try the tea too to get her ‘authentic Indian mother’ stamp of approval. “The tea tastes almost the same as if I made it myself from scratch. I like that it’s gluten-free. It’s very comparable to what we make at home but it is slightly lighter in taste.”

So there you have it!

In addition to the milk tea flavour, Chai Moments comes in four flavors: Masala, Cardamom and Ginger. There are (10) Chai packets per box. Chai Moments is an authentic chai product for when you need it on the go.

The tea is available at most Indian grocery stores and major retail stores in Canada such as:  Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro & Save-On-Foods.



Contest alert! TeaIndia is running an amazing contest where people can upload a photo of their empty tea mug using #FillMyMugTeaIndia in return for Chai Moments samples. The contest is open to US & Canada. Fill your mug with free samples!


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