Shoe Fetish: India-Born Shoe Designer’s Shoes Fit for a Princess

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By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

Ok yes, I have faced every woman’s weakness.  I’ve stared it right in the face and used all my will power to just walk away but it’s not easy.  With  shoe designers like Aruna Seth, that will power to not want to buy her shoes will go right out the door, even for the strongest-willed moms. Seth a socialite and new generation “it girl” has designed the most beautiful shoes in the world and even royal celebrities like Kate and Pippa Middleton agree. Seth designed wedding shoes for Kate Middleton which remain part of her collection. Seth’s shoes were Pippa Middleton’s choice for the big day.  This designer who appeals to the inner princess in all of us, has over 40 designs with some of her signature styles including Swarovski-embellished evening shoes.  Her shoes have garnered fashion press internationally which point to her glamorous designs and attention to detail. Seth says her shoes are designed to elongate the legs while giving a woman the luxury gift of comfort. Now who would turn that down?

Her shoes make regular appearances on the red carpet and her  signature ‘Cerise’ style shoes have been embraced by those in the know as the ultimate in evening elegance. Like her shoes, Aruna can be found in the fashion capitals of the world, including London and Moscow where she maintains showrooms for personal appointments.  We spoke to Seth about her inspiration behind her designs and their unique appeal.

Tells about your designs and what kind of woman did you have in mind when you designed your shoes?

All of the shoes have a special padding in them. Inside the shoe is a sock  which is all made of plush leather Italian lining.  This provides cashmere-like comfort to your feet.  There are two gold circles and this contains the padding which runs throughout the arch as well.  They’re very elegant, timeless shoes, with a wow factor. You can wear them for years to come.  We designed the shoes for the elegant woman who knows what she wants and likes a bit of that sparkle.

How long have you been designing?

Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve always loved designing. My father had a shoe company,  so it’s in my blood.

What kinds of shoes are in your line?

We have flats, we often get a lot of brides looking for beautiful flats that they can wear in the evening. We also have 2 ½ inch heels which are very wearable and great for mothers and daughters. Then we have 100mm and 110 mm. The highest is 130 mm which we recently sent to J.Lo which gives an extra height and elongates the legs but are also very comfortable.

What’s the hottest style in your line?

 Butterfly platform style is our most popular style. Itbhas a nice inside platform and comes in a ray of different colours, tiffany blue, fusia pink. It’s got a bit of platform and  bit of a height and the shoes are still very comfortable.

Tell us about your celebrity clients?

We sent shoes to J. Lo and Pippa Middleton has been seen recently wearing our shoes. I designed Kate Middleton a pair of shoes for the wedding, she didn’t end up wearing them in the end but they were a very elegant closed style, a beautiful style that elongates the legs.

How much influence does your South Asian background have on your designs?

The whole Indian factor rally comes in  with the colours and sparkle and having the wow factor.

Who have been your role models or mentors along the way?

My father has always been a factor in everything I’ve done. I spent my summers working in his factory and office. ALDO who is Canadian is also one of my mentors. I see him at shows in London as well.

What’s your price point on the shoes?

From $300 US dollars to $4000; average is about $700.

To purchase Aruna Seth’s shoes or for more information visit:

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