Daily Beauty Rituals

Daily Beauty Rituals

Here are some great tips to put the beauty back in your complexion.

To take the fatigue out of your face:

“When we are tired we forget to breathe properly which in turn results in lack of circulation in our body,” says Kavita Suri, award-winning Canadian Make-up artist.  “ The best way to solve this problem is to take 10mins out of your day to do proper deep breathing. You can also try an ‘at home remedy’ by applying good old slices of refrigerated cucumbers on your eyes for 5 minutes, the cold compresses the puffiness.”

To reduce the appearance of pores and shine Kavita suggests:

Take 1 egg white and half of a lemon and squeeze into the egg white, mix together and apply all over face avoiding eye area.  Let the mask sit for 15 minutes.   “You will feel it tighten up, rise off with cold water. I love doing this before I go to an event so my skin looks flawless.”

ü      Cut out all processes sugar in your diet and replace it with natural sugars that you can get from fruits to get your natural glow back.

ü      Drink 10 glasses of water a day. Adding lemon to your water assists in a daily detox as it cleans your liver which holds many toxins.

About Kavita: An ambitious Kavita Suri, began her career as a freelance makeup artist.
In 2000, Kavita’s passion and enterprising skills were recognized when she was awarded for “Business Woman of the Year”. An honour bestowed for excellence in service, and in appreciation of Kavita’s time spent volunteering her skills to underprivileged children.  Kavita Suri’s vision of high quality make up artistry and esthetics has blossomed to become “Kavita Suri Spa”. In operation for 2 successful years, Kavita Suri Spa’s luxurious environment is located in the heart of Yorkville. visit: www.kavitasuri.com

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