Desi Babies: Bringing Culture To the Young Masses


Thrilled to have Desi Babies as our newest editorial partner! Stay tuned to some insightful tips on South Asian cultural tools and reads for kids of all ages. In the meantime, read more about how these two moms were inspired to go on their Desi Babies journey below!

Reena Puri and Mital Telhan met over 20 years ago and their friendship began through their love of the popular Indian folk dance, Garba (and being the best on the dance-floor woo!). Culture and tradition brought these two women together and then they became moms. Since then, their lives coincidentally have been on similar paths and  as moms culture is still their common thread. Today, Mital is a mom to Nikhil, 3, and Reena is mom to Isha who is 21 months old.

Reena and Mital  always reminisce about how their grandmothers taught them to do “jai-jai” when they were kids and how they grew up hearing exciting mythological stories about the different Gods and Goddesses.

“We often wondered, how are we going to teach our own kids about spirituality and our culture?” says Mital.” Living in a Western world, and having been raised immersed in their culture, it was important to them that their little ones be raised like they were, but in ways that are more in tune with the new generation.

Reena says many of their friends who were also parents of young children had the same questions: How can we teach our children about Hinduism and the Indian culture in a modern, fun way that will keep our kids engaged? 

But in doing her research, everything that was on the market already was either outdated, too traditional, or for older kids. They both went back and forth for months trying thing to think of cool and unique ideas to fill this gap- and that is when the idea of their first product, a children’s board book about ‘jai-jai’, came to fruition, along with many more future product ideas that would be fun as well as educational!

Starting a company under normal circumstances is no easy feat. Add in a young baby or toddler and the adventure is epic. With the inception of Desi Babies though, Reena and Mital finally found a way to transform their ideas into creating innovative products for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Our goal is to share our love for India and knowledge of the South Asian culture to create products that will stimulate the growth and creativity of the modern desi baby.

Their first book, Meet My Hindu Gods, is a colourful board book with adorable and vibrant illustrations of the Hindu Gods along with simple, easy to follow, explanations of what they signify.


My First Indian Coloring Book, their second book, has 40 pages of unique illustrations ranging from diyas and mandalas to animals and deities. They are currently working on their third book and masterminding future products such as apparel, puzzles, and much more!

Checkout their website at and follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter so you can get the latest news on upcoming events and product launches!

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