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If your daughter loves American Girl, this Indian-inspired doll may become a favourite too!

India’s very own doll series – the IndiDoll is generating great conversation.  These are a series of dolls which introduce stories based on strong Indian women characters.  The aim is that girls get a sense of pride associated from their family roots. 

Photo: IndiDoll

Photo: IndiDoll

Beauty inside is very much at the centre of this doll series while also focussing on the ‘need’ to feel beautiful.

“IndiDoll conveys a very important message to our daughters – if you are healthy and happy – you are beautiful! The IndiDoll product consists of an 18” inch collectible piece doll that would be your baby girl’s friend for life. The Indian girl child can easily identify with the doll, since the doll has been designed to look just like her,” says the website’s description.

Indi Doll

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Each doll comes with an story book, where the doll comes to life and travels through an adventurous journey.  Each story has a strong female character at the centre of it with will to drive change.

“The achievement ranges from being successful at a sport or being able to make discovery in science. Each story is beautifully inspirational and embellished with gorgeous illustrations to let the child build her imagination,” outlines the description on their facebook page.

Photo Credit: IndiDoll Facebook page

Photo Credit: IndiDoll Facebook page

Another fun aspect is the matching Indian outfits both the doll and girl can wear all in effort to help the role-play experience.

Here’s more information:

An 18” beautiful doll: A cuddly child-like doll which an Indian girl can completely identify with. The doll shows an Indian girl is beautiful just the way she is. The doll is the physical adaptation of the main character in the story book. The doll comes with a dress designed from high quality Indian cloth and of Indian style. The character wears different clothes in the story and you have the opportunity of owning all these clothes

Photo Credit: IndiDoll

Photo Credit: IndiDoll

A story book:  A little history and a little fiction bring the doll to life in the story. Beautiful illustrations keep the child captivated. As the main character in the book travels through various adventures, your child would continue to be engaged till the end. As a bonus, the story additionally covers a brief historical background of the era in which the story is based.

A matching dress for your child:  The child wearing the matching dress to the main character in the story, and holding the main character in her hands, magnifies the impact and joy of reading the story.

Indi Doll Story book

Photo Credit: Indi story book

The child’s continued interest in the story is ensured by allowing them to change dresses as per incidents in the story and allowing them to role play to story.  Every story talks about an inspirational Indian woman character, while concentrating on values such as courage, determination or diversifying your child’s interests in sports, sciences or history.

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