Ideas to Share The Meaning of Vaisakhi With Kids

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When kids are young, the meaning behind festivals can be lost on them. Vaisakhi is a spiritual festival and such a great opportunity to share the values of being grateful, appreciating family. How can we share the festival’s meaning with kids?

Check out our ideas from our webisode below and watch how we make these ideas come alive above in our latest video!


Vaisakhi Card DIY For Kids:

Download template  at

What you Need Vaisakhi Khanda Mosaic

  • Khanda Mosaic PDF print outs
  • colours
  • glue
  • colour card (optional)
  • mosaic squares – we have used


  • Print out the Khanda Mosaic PDF on a card. The PDF file is formatted for A4 and is measured to fit 1cm mosaic squares. If you have different size mosaic squares just play around with the zoom while printing. Cut out individual mosaics sheets. If you can’t print on the card, print on the plain paper and then use the colour card as backing.
  • Cut out individual mosaics sheets. If you can’t print on the card, print on the plain paper and then glue them onto the colour card.
  • Colour in the Khanda in the centre, colour in the field around it. You could incorporate Khanda activity here – teach children about different parts of the Khanda symbol. They could use different colours to show parts of the Khanda.
  • Use mosaic squares to either create patterns or randomly fill in the frame. If you don’t have sticky mosaic squares, you could either cut the card in small squares or even use colours to fill in the frame.


Sponsored Tip!

You can help kids share their Vaisakhi crafts with relatives abroad with a skype show and tell and even help give them a chance to send money to grandparents/relatives abroad using global money transfer. This easy service can also help grandparents use the money to donate to their nearest Gurudwara in their grandchild’s name (temple) during this time. Visit for more info.

Kids Malas: via

FullSizeRender(1)Kids MalaYou’ll need:

  • pipe cleaners
  • beads (plastic pony beads, or any other large beads)


  1. Start putting beads on the pipe cleaner. You can go for a pattern or just for the shiny ones
  2. Once it’s reached the desired length, just twist the ends and you’re done!

Using Festivals as an Opportunity to Learn the Language and Culture

We shared two books in our webisode. Kids can learn how to write Punjabi using a great new writing book by Kiran Lyall, called My First Panjabi Alphabets. Available on

Punjabi language book

Kids can also learn the meaning behind names given to girls and boys using this great series by author Parveen Kaur Dhillon. Her board books are great for young readers. Available on

my first sikh books

my first sikh books

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