Recipe: ‘Masala-Punched’ Marinade and Chutney

Griling recipe for July 4th

By Soni Singh

Grilling season where I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, heralded a time of robust pieces of meat in sweet and kicky barbecue sauce on the grill. The southern concept differed from how my very desi household celebrated grilling season. Sure, we had some of the usual suspects of grilled goodies such as skewered meats, burgers (though not beef), and veggies, but our marinade was always masala punched.

Photo credit: Soni Singh Sathpathy

Photo credit: Soni Singh

Warm yellows, bright greens, and vibrant orange would punctuate our grill; Chicken and seafood marinated in fresh yogurt, turmeric, cumin, and coriander along with a bevy of fresh herbs were summer staples.

The beautiful thing about ‘masala-fying’ a spread like this is that it isn’t labor intensive or fret with a long list of ingredients, things that I feel often deter people from making Indian food at home. It’ll probably take longer to read the comic then to actually prepare the marinade and chutney!

You can also play around with the recipes to cater to your preferences.

For instance, the marinade can easily handle more cloves of garlic or the addition of your favorite spice, without compromising the taste or texture.

I’ve shared my mother’s traditional recipe for mint chutney but basil or cilantro work equally as well in lieu of mint.

I wanted to share the recipe for this marinade with you in particular because it’s such a crowd pleaser. When hosting a barbecue for a larger crowd, chances are, food preferences vary. Some guests prefer grilled chicken or pork, while others love grilled seafood, and still others are vegetarian. The beauty of this marinade is that flavors and enhances numerous proteins and veggies so you won’t have to prepare a different marinade for every food that hits your grill.

Photo Credit: Soni Singh Satpathy

Photo Credit: Soni Singh

Both the marinade and the chutney can last up to a week in an air tight container, refrigerated. Both can easily be created on the spot, but for a bigger crowd you can easily prepare and store days in advance.

Enjoy the Aunty-inspired recipes and bring masala into your season. Happy Grilling!


Photo Credit: Soni Singh Satpathy

Photo Credit: Soni Singh


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