Islamic Holiday Cookie Cutter Gift Set

Islamic cookie cutters

By Lail Hossain

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The blessed month of Ramadan is just around the corner and Eid celebrations will soon follow. For many of us Masalamommas who grew up in a non-western country, we cherish the festivities and the memories of these celebrations to the core. Then, we have the converted moms who face a whole different challenge as they are trying to establish a tradition of their own. Regardless, majority of us desire to create a festive environment, memories and traditions during the celebration who are living in western countries/culture.

As a couple we made it a point right after getting married that we will always be taking off from work for Eid. No compromise was made there. Naturally, after my daughter was born we continued the tradition. Moreover, I frantically started looking for Eid/Ramadan/Islamic items to create an even more festive environment for Ramadan and Eid so that she grows up with similar Ramadan and Eid memories that I have always cherished growing up. Not able to find such items that I like in the US, I thought of the unthinkable. Why not I design and manufacture them? With that thought in mind, With A Spin Peace line was born.


The peace line of products is designed with modern Muslim families in mind. There are few more products in the pipeline, but the first product of the Peace line is out in the market and available to purchase.

The first product under the With A Spin brand is a set of 4 iconic Islamic shape premium stainless steel cutters/molds. It’s something that enables celebration and brings the family together. It’s appealing to both kids and adults for Ramadan, Eid and beyond. It can give you an artistic and imaginative ability to make food as well as arts and crafts. Besides Ramadan or Eid, the set can also be very suitable for house warming party gift, bridal shower or baby shower gift, bismillah gift, or to raise fund for any fund raising events.

Islamic Cookie Cutters

Off course you can use them to make cookies, but let’s think of what else you can create with them. Use the cutters to mold halwa, make fun shaped pancakes, sandwiches for the bento box, fruit kebabs, bake brownies and much more. On the creative side, you can use the cutters to as cake topper, napkin rings, table setting decorations and many paper crafts.

It is not always easy to create or maintain traditions. Getting the kids excited to celebrate the Islamic holidays in countries with a lot of western holiday background noise requires some effort. The vast majority of our kids’ friends know nothing about the Islamic holidays. The month of Ramadan and the two Eid celebrations are just ordinary days for a lot of family. Majority of the families eat, work, and attend school as normal.

Islamic cookie cutters for candies

Why not break that monotony and create happy moments With A Spin. Liven up your festivities this year. Do something different and introduce a whole new feeling of excitement to the experience and help your family find creative ways to bond and appreciate one another. Bake and cook together, make arts and craft using the With A Spin Holiday cutters. Take some baked goodies to your work and send some for your kid’s friends. Make cookies for the neighbors, fire and police departments of your city and help get the right message of Islam across by telling them about Ramadan and Eid.

You can even make cake or cupcake toppers for your next table spread! Find out how here.

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