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By Aarti Chandnani, 

People all over the world will be celebrating Earth’s Day on 22nd April. It is the largest environmental event in the world where people around the globe will participate irrespective of their background, citizenship, religion etc. It is a great topic to discuss with your kids while learning some new Hindi vocabulary that you can use in your everyday life as well!

What is Prithvi Divas?
Prithvi means Earth and Divas means day, hence Prithvi Divas means Earth Day. Earth Day is like a birthday of the Earth. Prithvi ka janamdin! Just like you celebrate your birthday because you are special; we celebrate Earth’s birthday because Earth is very special too. Earth Day was born on 22nd April 1970 in San Francisco, CA.
What do we do on Prithvi Divas?
On this day we make a promise to take care and protect Mother Earth every day. There are various things we can do to help our Earth. Discuss with your kids various little things we can do in everyday life to take care of the Earth.

Below are some of the things the kids can do easily!

earth day prithvi

Earth Day Poem in Hindi

Here is a simple Hindi Poem on Earth Day for Kids!

Aao prithvi divas manayen,Hum sab ek ped lagayen.Prithvi ko banayen hara,Sundar rahe desh yeh tera mera! आओ पृथ्वी दिवस मनाएं,हम सब एक पेड़ लगाएं.पृथ्वी को बनाएं हरा,सुन्दर रहे देश यह तेरा मेरा!

Prithvi Divas Activity (Earth Day Activity)
Click on any picture below to download the PDF activity for Prithvi Divas.

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Prithvi das

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