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At Masalamommas, we want to recognize excellence in diverse children’s books and put those exceptional books in little hands. With this in mind, the Masalamommas Children’s Book List was born. We made an announcement recently about this new initiative.  We’re calling attention to exceptional children’s books that allow children to connect with characters, stories that highlight the rich heritage of South Asia, and achievements by those creative and inspiring individuals who see value in bringing diversity to children’s literature.

Masalamommas book list

Through our program, we will have a special  Masalamommas ‘Approved’ Seal of Approval for books shared with us through this program that we believe as mothers do a great job of providing this connection to children that we’ve outlined above.

Books will be scored by a section of our editorial board and our team at Each approved book will be part of a new section on, that will house a list for easy access to our readers who are moms, and be given a special book review with our feedback.

Books will receive:

1) A full book review on our site with evaluations done by 3 of our masalamommas board members (all of which are moms), masalamommas education editor and Editorial Director.

2) Permanent listing on our site with all ‘approved’ books in our special approved book list section tab on the home page (coming soon)

3) promotion through all our social media channels, newsletter

4) option for future promotion at our events for families and moms

Authors, Nominators Must provide

1) ebook or hard copy of book to be sent to our office/email

2) a parent’s guide or info about author or book

3) A short description of why the book is being nominated and why it should become part of our permanent library as masalamommas.

4) recommended age for readers

Books will be promoted on our site and channels and will have the unique aspect of being reviewed by South Asian moms.

Use the form below and nominate a book today! Please send any questions to

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