How Do You Style Your Jhumka?

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Jewelry is a reflection of your personality. It is something very personal and adds a certain charm to its wearer,” – Hayagriv

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Jhumkas has been one of the classic earring design which has been around for centuries. Indian jewelry would be incomplete without them, so say the least. The traditional design is chandelier shaped with a cone on the top. They fall in the form of a bell.

Trend: Jhumkas have been popular among the celebrities for the past year. From Sridevi to Deepika Padukone you can find everyone wearing not only in their street style, but also for formal functions and red carpet looks.

History: The jhumka designs differ from one region to another. For example, in south India ‘jhumkas’ are known as ‘jhimkis’. They are made of gold and have an ear chain attached to it. In Gujarat ‘jhumkas’ are mostly made of silver and have a sleeker look. In Rajasthan, they often have colored beaded work on them. In Punjab, they are on the form of a hoop or better known as ‘chand bali’. As you can see there is no dearth or designs or variety.

Designs: Jhumkas can be found in various materials; gold for formal occasions and weddings, silver for everyday wear or casual outings, meenakari for people who like colorful jewelry, crystals for the bling lovers, last but not the least pearls and polki which are understated yet versatile for different occasions.

Shop: You can count on any South Asian clothing store to carry a pair, but just in case you do not have one in your neighborhood, here’s where you can get your hands on jhumkas too. Stalk these online stores to get a pair of your own:

silver collection at Jaypore

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I love the silver collection at Jaypore. They are pretty without overpowering the whole outfit. For anyone who likes subtlety in their jewelry these would be perfect!

Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

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Pernia’s Pop Up Shop has a great collection of jhumkas from various designs and style. If you are looking for statement making jhumkas then this would be a one-stop shop.

Aniika features designs from different designers and regions of India. Their collection has a mix of everything.


Style: Most of the designs are hard to style with a western outfit but there are definitely no rules. Personally, I would wear them with billowy blouses, maxi dresses, and any other form of bohemian look.


However you can always experiment with them with your traditional wear. For example, use it as a maang tika or as hangings for your bangles.
How would you style your jhumkas?

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