Tips for a Healthy Start to the Year

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By Sitara Hewitt

Hello to the New You’s all around the globe!

2015 is off to an energizing start and perhaps you’re enjoying some healthier choices or some resolutions that taking you on the path to becoming your best self.

This month’s column is here to support you and give you some easy health and self-improvement tips as you embrace your most incredible year yet! Let’s look at Detoxing, Exercise, Eating Well, Achieving your goals and getting enough rest.

SItara Hewitt

I like to see resolutions and healthy choices as an important step on my personal journey to enjoy myself as much as I can during this life I’ve been given. One great quote that might keep you motivated is: “Bad habits are easy to establish, but hard to live with. While good habits take a little more work to establish, but are Easy to live with.” (Joel Osteen).

I like that one because it’s truthful: feeling a little healthier, slimmer, more energized is indeed a more pleasurable way to spend our days, though initially it can take some discipline to implement the small changes that will take you there. The cool thing is that we are creatures of habit…so once you get into a routine of exercising, eating more veggies, saying no to sugary snacks and processed foods…you kind of get addicted to living that way. And then a healthy lifestyle is suddenly just your norm and you reap the benefits of feeling amazing, every single of gym people

EXERCISE: is a big one. It not only helps us find an ideal weight but it gets circulation going which prevents disease and inflammation, helps us relax more deeply and sleep better at night…plus we release feel good hormones and endorphins after we exercise. Yet a lot of people say ‘I just don’t have time.’   My only suggestion is to think of it like this: Exercise is tantamount to your long term and short-term health and happiness, so it’s worth prioritizing. It can just be a brisk 30-minute walk on your lunch hour every day…you make time to brush your teeth, so you can make time to exercise.

DETOX: Another great health boost that doesn’t take long is drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. It gets digestion going, de-toxes your system, alkalizes you and makes your skin glow!

I also recommend a green shake for breakfast loaded with kale or spinach – along with berries, nut butter, protein powder and coconut milk you really don’t taste the greens – and you feel full for hours. The fiber and enzymes from the greens have radically changed my health, I hardly ever get sick anymore and a several pounds lighter all year just from this one change alone. Here are some recipes:

EAT WELL: Here is a link for the recipe to my hearty warm meal that will keep you full while delivering tones of green veggies, good fats and healthy carbs…A Creamy coconut Kale and and Butternut Squash soup.  Vegetables-in-a-fridge

Soups are a great health boost because while they are easy to digest they can be very rich in nutrients. The ginger, garlic and onions in this one also help stave off colds and flu.

ACHIEVE: As far as your plans for the future consider making a vision board for yourself. Studies show that if you have a visual reference for the things you want to achieve and do you are more likely to work towards them steadily and attract them into your life. If you put up photos of your favorite vacation place, your dream house, your family healthy and laughing, that dream career you’re working towards chances are you’ll feel amazing and motivated every time you look at it. Psychologists say those FEELINGS associated with your achieving your goals are very nourishing and play a big part in taking you where you want to go. Think it may take time to get there? Time is going to pass anyway so why not get specific about where you want each day to take you!

REST: Don’t forget to get enough sleep each night, prioritizing 8 hours will go a long way to helping you stay healthy and make better choices during the day. Also if you find yourself exhausted rather than an extra cup of coffee or sugary snack try a brisk walk to get oxygenated, more glasses of pure water, and if you can, take a 20-minute catnap. If you can’t nap but your body is still telling you it’s exhausted consider popping in your earphones and lying down while listening to some soothing music…you will calm your bio-rhythms down and put your body in a better state to heal and recuperate.

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Those are my tips to help you stay motivated, healthy and take care of that very special person that you are. What you bring to this world is unique and wonderful and trust that those around you want to see you flourish and succeed! When you shine, you inspire and encourage those around you to succeed and be happier too. So go out there in the world and be the best version of yourself, you have my vote!!


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