Kids’ Book Brings Holi Celebration to Life

Holi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated worldwide in March.  The festival is about welcoming spring and a bountiful harvest and  adults and children alike throw gulal, or colored powder, at one another — not to mention coloured water, as well!
Holi is the festival of colors and we all know how much kids love to play with colours. That’s  why this festival is a kids’ favourite! We at masalamommas love to share ways for parents to share the stories behind cultural celebrations help kids  understand more about what they’re celebrating in the first place.
Kids' Book Brings Holi Celebration to Life
Author and mom, Anita Badhwar has launched her latest in the ‘Rani’ series with her “Rani Celebrates Holi,” book.
“Rani Celebrates Holi was inspired by my childhood memories of celebrating Holi and my daughter’s very funny reaction to celebrating Holi when she was younger,” said Badhwar.  “In this tale, all of Little Princess Rani’s friends, except Rani’s pet elephant Bindi, are excited to celebrate Holi, the spring festival of colors. Bindi is a very clean elephant and does not like to get messy by playing with gulal (colored powder) in this festival.”
 Kids' Book Brings Holi Celebration to Life
Anita adds, “Rani, however, has an idea that will convince Bindi to take part in the Holi festivities.  In Rani Celebrates Holi, children will learn about the spring festival of colors and how it is celebrated in India. Kids will also have an opportunity to learn some Hindi words and their English translations.”
In Rani Celebrates Holi, readers will learn that people throw gulal (colored powder), water balloons, and use pichkaris, (water guns filled with colored water) to celebrate this spring festival.  his story itself provides many opportunities for parents to discuss the festival of Holi with their children.
 Kids' Book Brings Holi Celebration to Life
“In addition to the story I have included an informational page at the end of the book, which explains how the festival originated with the story of Prahlad, King Hiranyakashayap, and Holika,” said Badhwar. “Information about how the Hindu god, Lord Krishna, became associated with this festival is also presented. I hope parents will not only enjoy reading Rani Celebrates Holi, but will also share their own childhood experiences of celebrating Holi with their children.”
The books in the Little Princess Rani and the Palace Adventures series are appropriate for readers aged 6-8.
 Rani Celebrates Holi
Rani Celebrates Holi plus all the books in the Little Princess Rani and the Palace Adventures are available on To follow Rani on her adventures, visit
Read more about her books in our story here.
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