Preparing Your Teen for Her First Holiday Party

Preparing teen for holiday party

teen girls at partyParents are sometimes a little hesitant when it comes to bringing their teens to adult parties or social gatherings. But the truth is, exposing them to these types of events can positively impact their social life and development.

For example, they can understand how parties function and learn to socialize with different people; that way, when they reach the party stage, things don’t get out of control. With Holiday season upon us and New Year’s Eve around the corner, the talk of parties might come sooner than you think.

So what’s the key for moms when it comes to parties and their daughters?

Keep the lines of communication open and arm her with the tools she needs to be safe, make smart choices…and have fun too!

If she wants to go to parties with friends or even have one at home, be sure to talk to her about the following:


Establishing ground rules. Curfew, drinking etc. If she breaks any of the rules, she will have to face some consequences. For example, if her curfew is 11pm and she stays out past then, she isn’t allowed to go out with friends for a week.

Having a friend over before she heads out. This is a great way for girls to bond and start the evening on a positive note. Share these fun tips with her for getting ready for a night out:

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Traveling in groups. She’s heard it before, but it’s advice that never goes out of style: there is always safety in numbers – if she’s planning a night at a club, she should go with friends. Even talk about the buddy system and reinforce the importance of everyone being responsible for their partner. Here are more tips:

Underage drinking and the consequences. Here are some tips to get the conversation started: teen driver with mom

Being safe with food and drinks. Ensure she knows not to leave her drink, food or purse unattended at any time. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially considering all the stories about strangers who slip drugs or alcohol into girls’ drinks at parties and clubs.

Handling a violent situation. Teens may think this won’t happen to them, but they should be prepared. For example, what if she’s on a date and encounters verbal abuse? Here are a few topics to help guide the conversation:

Having a backup plan. Teach her to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong – such as a problem at the party that prevents her from feeling safe. Give her a cellphone and tell her to call you at any time, even when she arrives and leaves. She should know you’ll always be there to help if something goes wrong.

Being confident and being social. This is always important – and not just when it comes to parties. Here are some tips you can share with her:

Being prepared for Mother Nature. Accidents can happen, but they don’t have to ruin a great night. So what can she do about an unexpected period? Here are some expert tips:


Your daughter might have mixed feelings about going to parties or hosting them – excitement, nerves, anxiety and a whole lot of other emotions. But if she is open about her feelings and you ensure she is fully prepared, parties can be something you both look forward to!


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