Empowering Our Daughters: A Twitter Chat

Empowering Girls, Raising Strong Women

Affectionate Indian mother and two beautiful mixed-race daughters laughing together

Empowering Our Daughters: A Twitter Chat

Let’s talk about Empowering Girls

With the school year in full swing and kids halfway through the fall term, it’s a great time to revisit what it means to empower our daughters. There are so many things they worry about these days, from dates and dresses, to body image and school. And of course, as their moms, we worry a lot too.

So this Wednesday, join us and our friends @BeingGirl, @PGeverydayCA, @Always and @Tampax as we share our ideas and tips with moms. This Twitter party, we’ll talk about setting goals and overcoming obstacles and share ideas on how girls can stay true to themselves. We’ll also chat about confidence, body image and other conversations that you’re bound to experience as a masalamomma of a young girl.

Be sure to join the conversation and follow our hashtag #RealConvo as we chat with moms across the country just like you!


When: Wednesday, Oct. 29, 7p.m EST

Co-hosted by: @BeingGirl  @PGeverydayCA  @Always @Tampax

Moderated by: @masalamommas

Hashtag: #RealConvo

Miss our chat? Here’s a look at our conversation and all the tips we talked about!






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