Wardrobe Essentials for a Trip to India

What to Pack for a Trip to India

What to pack for a trip back home?

By Tanvi Rastogi

tanvi with kurta pajamas three looks

Tanvi Rastogi, Style Writer

This is not your quintessential packing list for India (or South-East Asian Country). This is specially for women who visit Masalamommas aka women with a South Asian connection, for whom a visit back home is not necessarily for travel purposes only.

I am not going to list the essentials here (like sunscreen, under-garments, electronics and such). I am going to try and help you pack in the most efficient and minimalist possible way.

Step One: Answer the following questions for your self:

1. How many days is the trip for?

2. Is there a special occasion?

3. Is there domestic travel involved?

4. Will laundry service be accessible?


Step Two: Depending upon what you answered for the above questions you would have pick your outfit options. Ideally pick separates in neutral and solids which can easily be mixed & matched.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing: Bhutan salwar

1. A tunic can be work with leggings, jeans and a salwars

2. A jumpsuit can be worn by itself, or with a jacket or layered with blouse and worn as trousers

3. Shift Dresses can be worn as is, or with a salwar.   Try and plan outfits which can be paired with neutral footwear, as the reducing luggage allowance on airplanes is not going to allow you carry 10 pairs of shoes, for “just-in-case” scenarios!


Step Three: Once you have picked out the pieces, create the complete look with jewelry and shoes so that you have an idea of what goes with what. Since you won’t have the luxury of your complete wardrobe it is a good idea to plan ahead.

Tanvi shown wearing blouse and jeans

Ideally, I would suggest taking pictures of these looks that you have created with your phone so that you have a reference point while on the go. After all who has the time to remember clothes when you have traveled hundred miles away, probably even in economy.

Right? Also, make sure you keep enough space for all the shopping you would be doing, because let’s get real – You are going to shop. LOTS!

Share what you think your favourite look is for a trip to India with us below or tell us what you pack in your travel bag!

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