Book: Celebrate Your Child’s Name Through Indian Culture

Celebrate Your Child’s Name
book coverWe love to share great ways to teach kids about their culture, heritage through books, apps or any tools that might help masalamommas of today. We featured ‘Little Guru Skool’ several years ago where we showcased their wonderful language videos for kids.
Now the team over at Little Guru Skool has come up with a fun way to share the meaning behind your child’s name with them with a brand new book! You can celebrate the sights, sounds and colours of India as each letter of your child’s name brings to life an Indian celebration! You can connect your kids to culture in a fun and unique way with this fully customized book, ‘Celebrate Your Name.’
The book will help you play, learn and grow together by sharing  illustrations and playful rhymes that weave together a magical story to spell out your child’s name. What’s in a name? A for Aum or Agni, B for Bhangra or Bihu? Find out by entering a name in their instant preview feature  and view your own custom book online in seconds!
As kids spell out their names along with the story in the book, they can see how each letter of their name brings to life an Indian celebration! The playful rhymes will inspire curiosity about their culture and this gives moms an opportunity to share their own experiences with their kids. It’s a great book for parents to read with their kids and share stories about India!
How It Works
1) Enter a name and instantly preview your custom book 2) Place your order online for only $29.993 We will print and ship your book in 5 business days

Kids of any age, especially 2-7 year olds will love reading this book. ‘Celebrate Your Name’ also makes a thoughtful gift for baby showers, naming ceremonies and birthdays.

We spoke to Pooja Pittie, founder of Little Guru Skool about this new book:

What inspired you to create this new book? 

Pooja Pittie author of 'Celebrate Your Name'

Pooja Pittie

My team and I created this book “Celebrate Your Name” to share our love for Indian culture with kids in a fun and educational manner. Our book weaves the child’s name into a story based in traditional folklore, which inspires cultural curiosity. Their name is the first thing that children learn to spell and read – they identify with their names and love seeing their names in print. Our book celebrates each name, making it exciting for the child and introducing them to Indian culture in a uniquely relevant way.
Why do you think there’s a need for it?
We believe that to pass on our love of Indian culture to the next generation, we have to consciously integrate elements of our heritage into our daily lives. We chose Celebrations as our first book theme because Indian culture is so festive and colorful, we know that the illustrations and rhymes will appeal to kids and they will want to know more!
Who is this book for? book page
It’s suitable for 2-7 yr olds but also makes a great gift for newborns, baby showers, birthdays and naming ceremonies.
Even though the book is about Indian culture, it is written in English and features fresh, contemporary illustrations, giving it universal appeal – you don’t need to be Indian to read it! I have several non-Indian parents who have bought the book for their kids as a way to expose them to different cultures.
You’ll also find more info on their website About page

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