Planning an Indian Summer Party


By Shilpa Iyer, decor writer

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Now that the school year has finally ended, what better way to celebrate the summer holidays than with a party! Whether indoors or out, let’s host a soirée, “Indian Summer” style! We’ve found some great ways to really personalize your next party for your guests. Scroll down to see some creative ideas we’ve gathered from various websites, as well as a few of our very own!

To start with, choose a colour palette that really brings out some of the vibrant, summer colours of India. Recently, we hosted an “Indian Summer” party and chose coordinating colours, fuchsia and tangerine, as the main colours. For an added layer, you might choose to pair the main colours with hints of gold and aqua to give it that added pop, as seen in the picture to your left.

To really personalize the Indian Summer party that we hosted, we created custom invitations and thank you cards and coordinated these designs with printables that we used for the party. For instance, we created personalized wine labels for the wine bottles we handed out as party favours. In addition, we created round party tags that we used at our drinks table and food tags to help guests with their food choices.

For some additional inspiration, we scoured the web and found some great examples of Indian inspired parties.

For example, Coco+Kelly’s inspiration comes from a creative Indian menu consisting of coconut shrimp with mango chutney and curried chicken sandwiches, to drinks, including a fizzy pink punch and Indian beers. Added touches of pink and white flowers create a lovely visual as well as adding fresh fragrance to the air.


(source for all 3 images:

To help YOU get started, we’ve created some custom printables to personalize your party!

Click  below to download your free custom wine labels and round tags.


   1) masalamommasroundlabel (download and print))Screenshot 2014-07-03 11.05.58






 2) masalamommaswinelabel (download and print)

Screenshot 2014-07-03 11.05.41









Finally, for a personalized gift idea for your guests, why not fill glass jars with mango chutney and personalize them with creative gift tags, or create your very own spice jars? Either way, your guests will be thankful and will leave with a lasting impression!


(source for image:




More About HarabuHouse

As part of our business, we create customized invitations, thank you cards and other customized labels for your business or party needs. Shilpa Iyer has worked on several private parties to create custom printables and invitations for her clients. Should you need customized printables for your next party, please contact us at and we’d be happy to create something special for you.



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