3 Vests For Summer Looks


By Zahra Sandberg @Zahra_sandberg & online at: lovezahra.com

Summer days can leave one at a loss for answers to the ever looming question: what should I wear? I personally love the fall season best because I am partial to wearing layers and artfully creating my outfits to reflect my own personality. However, when it is hot and humid it is easy to revert to the same shorts and tank top combo every. single. day. This of course can get boring fast. An easy and summer friendly piece to add to your wardrobe is a vest, worn over a dress, shorts, or even jeans when it isn’t sweltering.
Below are three types of vests to try right now.
1. Nordstrom:  $76 http://rstyle.me/n/ksdwnn24e
2. J.Crew: $114 http://rstyle.me/~2bdio
3. Anthropologie: $128 http://rstyle.me/n/ksdvin24e
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Zahra Sandberg, Style contributor

I’ve styled my drapey vest with an all-white ensemble, keeping a neutral palette. Another great thing about a summer vest – you can add a layer underneath and wear year-round! See why I say it is a must-have?!


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  1. Samina

    You look great in the all-white + vest ensemble! Great for throwing on in full blast Texas air conditioning. (Outdoors here is strictly a one-layer climate).

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