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a-newlyweds-adventuresIf you’re a  married woman who has left behind everything, a career, a family ,friends just to follow your husband after marriage, this story may resonate with you.  Leaving familiar surroundings to start a new life is never easy. In ‘A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land’ Shweta Ganesh Kumar takes you through ups and downs of  matrimony to wonderland.

In this novel, Mythili moves to Manila, a city inhabited by her husband’s friends, a head hunter and his ex, who constantly challenges Mythili’s married life with manipulation and clever language.

Here’s the blurb from the book: 

“Oh, dependent visa! Welcome to Manila!”

Mythili and Siddharth realize that being newlyweds in a foreign country is very different from being passionately in love, long-distance.

She has just moved to the Philippines to be with the love of her life and new husband. After being a hard-as-nails reporter, covering crime stories of the goriest kind, Mythili is now an unemployed ‘dependent’. On top of that, culture shock and encounters with the desi gangexpat-wives leave her feeling like she has fallen down a rabbit hole.

Will her worst nightmares come true? Will she turn into just another expat-wife, cribbing about maids, popping out kids and complaining about the price of vegetables?

Will this real life Alice ever embrace her Wonderland?

Listen to a chapter for a preview ! 


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More about Shweta Ganesh Kumar 

Shweta Ganesh KumarShweta Ganesh Kumar is a writer and travel columnist.
An alumnus of the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, she worked as Communications Officer for Greenpeace India and as correspondent with CNN-IBN, before dedicating her life to writing.
Her fourth book and first collection of short stories, ‘Suspended Animation – Short Stories of those who wait’ is now available worldwide.

Shweta is the bestselling author of ‘Coming Up On The Show… The Travails of a news trainee’, her debut novel that sold more than 10,000 copies within the first two months of its release in May 2011 and was also listed on multiple bestseller lists.
She also authored ‘Between The Headlines’ as well as ‘A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land’, novels that have been getting rave reviews from readers, book bloggers and critics.

Her short fiction and poetry has been published in Indian Voices- an anthology, Shades of Love (An Anthology of Short Stories), Winds of Change (An Anthology), Australian Women Online, Single Solitary Thought, Pothiz, Damazine, the Asia Writes Project, Bricolage Magazine, Synaesthesia Magazine, Writers Asylum and other literary magazines in more than four continents.

Her monthly column, ‘Trippin With Shweta’ is a steady feature in the Indian magazine, ‘Travel and Flavours’.
The New Indian Express, One Philippines and Geo (Indian edition), Venture (Indonesia) have published many of her travel columns.

Her non-fiction pieces have been featured in Chicken Soup for the Indian Spiritual Soul, Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – On Friendship and also in CBW’s India’s Top 42 Weekend Getaways eBook. Women’s Web has featured her feminist columns and RobinAge, a leading children’s newspaper featured her pet and travel columns. ‘Kiski Kahani – The Ramayana Project’, an Open Space initiative, featured her essays on the diversity of the Ramayana.

She currently lives in The Philippines, with her husband and daughter.
She also writes on the joys and trials of being a parent in a blog called ‘The Times Of Amma – the motherhood bulletin with badly-drawn cartoons.’


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