3 Ways to Wear Floral Denim

Three Ways of Wear Flora Denims Tanvii.com (2)

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanvii & online at tanvi.com

Who else is over winters and ready to keep away the layers? I know I am! While we wait for that to happen lets just soak in the florals. Shall we?

Tanvi Rastogi, Style Writer

Tanvi Rastogi, Style Writer

Florals for spring is not ground breaking. We know that thanks to Miranda Priestly (ref: Devil Wears Prada), but they are a sure-shot way to embrace spring. Especially for a day look.

There are a variety of floral print denims available. Today we are styling a bold floral print denims. This particular pair is multi-color and full-blown floral. I know. I know. They do look a little intimidating. You definitely need to wear them with confidence; else they can overpower your whole look.

Now, since our bottom is heavy on print as well as color, it ‘s  a good idea to keep the top simpler and in a (preferably) singular color.

Few styling tips:

•    Pair them with solid color separates. (You can pick any one of the color from the floral print of your jeans)
•    Avoid wearing them with heavy-printed tops.
•    Light Grey and White Tees work best with most floral prints.
•    Over-sized sweaters and billowy tops are great options too.
•    Add a pop of color outside the color palette of the jeans with accessories and shoes.
•    Black blazer would work almost at all times.

Hope these tips would help you to break out your floral denims this spring!

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If you have any questions feel free to tweet them to me at @tanvii.

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