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Woman practicing yoga.Yoga has been around for years, over ten thousand years. It originated in India but is now a very common practice in any country. I have always loved yoga for the relaxation purposes it offers, but recently have really seen the physical properties and meditative properties it offers. As women we take on many roles in our lives.

We work inside or outside the home, we drive our kids around, we take on more tasks than we can handle in one day…and so much more. The slowing down process is hard at times but so important. The meditative side of yoga is so crucial for us all. To get the time to sit in silence and just breathe; well it’s priceless!


I see my kids learning yoga poses at school and they are inspired to improve their balance and hold the poses longer. As much as we want our youngsters to stay active, I have often wondered about encouraging more children to take up yoga. Not necessarily for the physical aspects, but more to get them started on the mental and spiritual aspect that yoga offers. With my own 3 kids, there is always something going on in their heads. There is either self-esteem issues, or worrying happening or just plain fast paced life.  babyparentyoga

I believe the kids can slow down their lives too to bring more calmness and awareness into their lives, and at the same time get physically active. I was recently at a women’s retreat north of Toronto and had the benefit of speaking to Annabel Fitzsimmons, a women, a mother and a teacher of restorative yoga. I was so inspired by her stories of her clients it got me thinking about the role of yoga not just in our lives but also in the lives of our children.

So I decided to ask a series of questions to see what she thought the benefits of yoga are for women and for kids.


BD: What benefit do you see yoga has in the lives of busy women?


AF: There are many benefits that yoga can bring to the lives of busy women. Arguably, the most important benefit is that yoga encourages awareness, of our bodies and our minds. It is a great way to reconnect with our bodies, it can provide stress relief, and —whether you’re looking for a workout or a slower, more meditative class—you can find a style of yoga to suit your needs. You don’t have to go to a class, either. You can develop a home practice that suits your schedule.

Yoga (Bridge Pose)

BD: What kids can gain from doing yoga with mom at home?

AF: Kids can share a healthy and positive connection with their parents by doing yoga with them at home. When children see their mother invested in her physical and mental wellbeing, it sets a positive example for their own body-mind connections. Learning to breathe properly and be aware of their bodies are all healthy lessons for our kids to experience. And the more they learn about and feel comfortable in their own bodies, the more likely they are to maintain a positive self-image as they grow up. It’s also a fun way to bond with our kids!


BD: Where do you see yoga fitting in with PE in schools?

AF: Since yoga is not competitive, and anyone can do yoga, it is a perfectly accessible and inclusive appropriate activity for the PhysED environment. Many schools already incorporate yoga into their physical education programs. It is also a great way to introduce body awareness, the importance of breathing, stress management, and positive body image.


BD: What kind of yoga would you recommend for kids?

AF: I would recommend Hatha yoga. It’s the classical style of yoga, the practice where all yoga styles are derived from. Through Hatha yoga, kids can learn the basic concepts of yoga: the postures, breathing exercises, and meditation and relaxation techniques.

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