‘In-Law Corner’ by Nadia Shah, LCSW

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Columnist, In-Law Corner

Columnist, In-Law Corner

I am so excited to be writing for Masalamommas about a topic that’s unfortunately considered taboo by many South Asians: in-laws.  My goals are to provide positive support and useful advice. Not every in-law challenge has a solution, but I hope to help you find as many as I possibly can.

I’m a first generation Pakistani-American. Having been married for years, I’ve lived through some of the challenges that so many South Asians face. Fortunately, through my professional experience in mental health as a MSW (Masters of Social Work) and LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), I was able to gain a positive perspective on many of my challenges. And it was through these challenges that I decided to break the silence barrier and begin discussing in-law relationships which led me to launch southasianinlaws.com.  Here  at masalamommas, I’ll be talking about some of the challenges that some of you might face and provide a way to have positive dialogue as mothers and daughter-inlaws.

Send me your questions or feedback at columnists@masalamommas.com !
You can follow me on Twitter @desiinlaws and find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/Southasianinlaws.

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  1. Mamta

    Hi Nadia, this is a great topic. There is so much to say about relationships with in-laws. I think what you do is amazing and very useful when it comes to building good relationships with in-laws especially with South Asian in-laws. It’s strange that it’s typical and normal for these type of relationships to be difficult. I look forward to reading your column.

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