From Urban to Rural: The Chevy Trax

By Nisha Vedi Pawar @lovelaughmirch & online at:


photo-8A few weeks ago my husband and I were given the opportunity to visit Ottawa, Ontario & Montebello, Quebec to test drive the brand new 2013 Chevy Trax.

Ottawa holds a special place in our hearts as it always seems to call us before a major life event. We had visited once before getting married  and this time a few months before we become parents.

As we started our journey in our black on black Chevy Trax, the first thing I noticed was the generous room in the front. Both my husband and I are on the tall side and we both observed how spacious the driver  and passenger seats were.  IMG_8866

Now that I’m expecting, my mindset is changing and I noticed that the Trax would be a great fit for growing families as well. There is lots of storage room in the trunk, generous room in the front for driver & passenger with ample room in the backseat. The back would comfortably fit a car seat, young children, but might be tight for multiple adults.

The console was sleek and well placed with hidden USB ports and multiple storage areas. There were plenty of pockets and  cup holders in the back as well.


IMG_8908Our journey started in downtown Ottawa and the Trax was compact enough to maneuver through small city roads and easy enough to fit in tight parking areas. Within the first ten minutes, we ended up getting lost and had the opportunity to use the OnStar system.

We were using OnStar forthe first time and it was very user friendly with simple voice commands. As we started for our 90-minute road trip to Montebello I enabled the lumbar support with the push of a button for added comfort, how convenient! IMG_8885

This is ideal for anyone who has long commutes, back problems, expecting mothers, or even if you’ve just had a long day at work!

The Chevy Trax makes it all about the driver and provides perks like being able to not only move the seat and back support forward and back but up and  down for height adjustment if needed and well. This feature would be wonderful for the driver who would like to be higher up and closer to the steering wheel.


My husband’s favourite aspects of the Chevy Trax was the drivers seat’s maneuverability and ease of driving through the city & snowy rural roads.

As for the drive, even through the unsalted, snow-laced roads the Trax handled extremely well without sliding or skidding. Even while driving through the mountains it gripped the roads providing a safe yet comfortable ride. The all wheel drive made for a powerful drive when climbing up mountains too.


IMG_8914All in all, the Chevy Trax is a perfect compact SUV with lots of perks. Starting at less than $20,000 it’s a wonderful option for a growing family that wants something roomy and trendy. Whether you live in the city or suburbs this car can fit into any lifestyle all while providing comfort and practicality.





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