Sacha Cosmetics Alberta and Giveaway!

By Kavita Suri @kavitasurispa

Has selecting the right foundation or even the right shades of eye shadows been a challenge for you after giving birth?

Perhaps, due to skin tone changes or even skin texture.  Sacha Cosmetics Alberta has knocked on our door to brighten up your day and skin. A brand that has originated from Trinidad with the vision of creating an International Brand; this innovative product line has reached it’s vision beautifying complexions everywhere.   It’s known for its yellow based foundations and powders are formulated for flawless skin coverage.



As I opened the package mailed to me on a Friday morning I was very excited to see what this ‘talked’ about brand was like live.  I was in admiration with the clean lines and sleek packaging, yet to discover the quality of the products sent to me.   We received their Top of the Line Cream-to -Powder compact and a lovely natural blush.  Just to help you ladies out with “What does Cream – to – Powder” means? It is simply a cream coverage that finishes off as a powder formula nothing like 2 in 1 products; making make-up application quick and easy.


The texture of the Cream-to-Powder compact is something you have to get your hands on, it does exactly what it promises. It gives a full coverage without the ‘full or heavy’ feel.  It’s no wonder  ethnic skin tones. The parent company, Sacha Cosmetics are innovators in the field of makeup for every skin tone. Sacha Cosmetics has partnered with the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants and the brand has amazing colours that have been paired expertly.

It’s a great product especially for our Masalamommas that have very little time for beauty and need a quick fix on-the-go for their make-up needs.  More importantly, the brand is known for its perfect formula for ethnic skin tones.


When it comes to blush, I personally prefer to wear blush that is soft and subtle. Sacha Cosmetics Alberta has the perfect tone for a natural finish for any skin type. All Sacha foundations and powders perfectly match from the lightest to darkest complexions and all the exotic tones in between. They are specially formulated never to leave your face ashy or two-toned.


Sacha Cosmetics Alberta is available online at The site is very user friendly and you can navigate your way into the right make-up needs.


WIN a cream to powder foundation of YOUR choice and a blush!


  • choose the shades from their website
  •  become a fan of their Facebook page, post a message saying that you found SachaCosmetics Alberta Via via  Massalamommas !



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