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By Sundeep Sandhu @designwali and online at designwali.com

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Summer is here and as we all spend a little more time outside so why not spruce up your outdoor space? Personally, when I’m in a pretty outdoor space I tend to stay outside a lot longer. Since I’m not an outdoorsy gal myself (aversions to bugs and heat rash usually keeps me inside) I need whatever tricks I can get to help me enjoy the beautiful outdoors especially with the kids.



Here are a few design fixes that will definitely make you want to stay outside and enjoy the long summer days and evenings:


Flower Power:


I’m mean which gal doesn’t love pretty, bright flowers? Fill up a planter with your favourite flower (I go get annuals in a monochromatic colour) and just watch them grow.  If you have a great green thumb go all out and get your flower landscaping action going.  I love blocks of colour so pick your flower colours so they pop and pack a punch. If you are a novice gardener like me, don’t worry go to your local grocery store or garden centre and pick up a few prearranged baskets.

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Somewhere to Lounge:


Invest in comfortable seating.  We have patio set with the classic table and chairs, which has served its purpose for years.  However, this year, my husband insisted we get a sectional for our deck. I had my initial reservations as I didn’t want a big overbearing piece, but once we got it, it was the complete opposite. The space immediately opened up and become conducive for gathering and lounging.

It feels very comfortable and stylish all at the same time.




Get some fun outdoor cushions, area rugs, mirrors or ceramic tables that will help you inject some colour and character into your space. Stick to a colour palette of three (usually works well, but not a hard & fast rule).  I still haven’t’ gotten to this part yet, so I’m on the lookout myself for some fun outdoor cushions and an area rug which I know will take me to my happy place.

Scott Meacham Wood Design featured on Houzz.com













If you’re lucky you can invest in some fancy deck and plant lighting, but simple lanterns also do the trick. I picked up some lovely ones and they really create the mood at night – and look fantastic during the day.


Photo Credit: Designwali

The most important thing is to grab your drink, popsicle, tea or a good book and enjoy the fleeting summer moments with your loved ones!


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  1. Lisa

    All great ideas from Sundeep – comfortable seating, ambient lighting, tables for entertaining and pops of color, whether from nature or accessories. A key ingredient is time to relax and enjoy the space.

  2. Salima

    Awesome! With more emphasis on outdoor living, these are some great tips on bringing the inside — out! I really like the mixture of stripes in the dining area setup.

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