20 Promises to My Daughter: A Father’s Wish


By Sheehan Jacob with files from Sheba Siddiqui @shebasid

After living through the births of two stillborn babies, Sheehan Jacob and his wife Shweta welcomed their beautiful daughter Mia into their lives over two years ago.  Before Mia was even born, Sheehan made a promise list of things he’d always do for his daughter throughout her whole life, in anticipation of meeting his little girlMia is a source of happiness and inspiration for Shweta, Sheehan and their families. She says they feel like they have won the lottery. “I hope she always feels loved and appreciated,” said Shweta.  “I hope she looks back on her childhood as happy years with parents who loved her.” Sheehan is a proud father.

In honour of Father’s Day,  we wanted to share his list of 20 promises to his daughter as way to honour many fathers who like him, have a special bond with their little girls.  Sheehan, Shweta and Mia live in Toronto and spend their days enjoying every moment of each other’s time.

You can also read more about the Jacob family’s story here.




Sheehan Jacob’s list of promises to his daughter :

1. I promise to work to keep your trust.

2. I promise to keep you safe.

3. I promise to keep you warm on the coldest days and nights and to carry you when you are tired.

4. I promise to say “I love you” to you every day we live together, though you may be sleeping at the time.

5. I promise to spend my every spare moment with you, and many moments that aren’t spare.

6. I promise to not only make sure you have food, clothes and a bed to sleep in, but that you have what you need.

7. I promise that if you fall and I don’t catch you, I will be there to try to make you feel better.

8. I promise to leave you the last bite of dessert.

9. I promise that if you get in a fight with anyone, I will be there on your side.

10. I promise to not embarrass you (on purpose)

11. I promise that when you need someone, your father will be there.


12. I promise to never run away or leave you alone.

13. I promise to push you as far as I know you are capable of.

14. I promise that whenever your mother needs me, I will be there.

15. I promise to let you go when you need to.

16. I promise to walk you down the aisle when you meet the person more important than me.

17. I promise to not forget you when other things get in the way.

18. I promise to give you the best answers I can to the questions you have.

19. I promise to allow you to be you and not feel the need to become what I wanted.

20. I promise to become your friend, but first and always I’ll be your father.



Do you have a special message to share about Father’s Day? Share your stories below!


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  1. Kulbinder

    Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing with us your private promises to your wonderful little girl. It is always nice to see the special relationship that a parent develops with their child… from a father’s perspective. It is different, unique and deeply personal with each one. Enjoy! tc, k

  2. Shweta Jacob

    As the wife of this wonderful father I have go agree that its pretty special. I’ve read this many times over the years, but it still takes my breathe away. Mia and I are very lucky 🙂

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