Modest Flair: Hijabs with Style

Hijab with hat

By Anjum Choudhry Nayyar

Whether you’re a mom or mom-to-be, masalamommas worldwide have one thing in common: we’re always looking for ways to stay fashionable. I came across a wonderful blog and site run by a UK entrepreneurial beauty blogger who goes simply by Aalia. Passionate about beauty and modest fashion, Aalia realized that she could also wear her hijab in a modest but fashionable way.

Blogging has been her outlet for sharing her views on the subject of beauty and fashion including the hijab and she has since launched an online hijab store based in the UK two years ago, called Princess Rockz offering hijabs for all occasions. But it was her online Youtube Channel she created that has caught the attention of the many women in the Muslim community. In it she gives online tutorials on how to style hijabs in a modest but fashionable way. The channel which has over 100 videos to date has had up to 11,000 views for some videos. We had the chance to interview Aalia and talk to her about this kind of resource in the community and what inspired her to start it in the first place.


What inspired you to start this business and the channel?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and how to incorporate hijab with my outfits. When I started my YouTube channel I received many requests for tutorials and I also saw there was a need for hijabs for different occasions. I therefore decided to start a business selling hijabs as well as provide tutorials and advice on how to style them.


Why did you think this was an important contribution to the community?

I want to show Muslim women that hijab is not a burden, and can be styled in a modest yet fashionable way. From making the videos I have discovered there is a need globally for various styles for occasions and also advice on how to dress modestly. As hijab is worn differently around the world, I want to reflect the diverse community and share the numerous hijab styles.

As well as my Youtube channel I have a blog ( where I share my outfits of the day and fashion tips.


What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about the hijab outside our community? vs. inside the community?

Outside the community there is the misconception that hijab oppresses women, but as a Muslim woman I believe it is a part of my identity and highlights my faith. I choose to wear the hijab to fulfil my Islamic duty and to show that beauty comes in all forms.


What is unique about your hijabs and style?

My overall ethos is that no matter the occasion, there’s always a hijab style. Hijab shouldn’t be a chore, and I believe that I reflect this in my YouTube videos and look.


What kind of demand do you see for this?

The most requested styles I receive are for parties and special occasions. There is also a demand for bridal styles as many brides wish to wear hijab on their wedding day. I have made a few bridal videos and I hope it shows women that modesty can be achieved even on your special day.


Who would most benefit from your hijabs?

The hijabs can be worn by women of all ages. We always try to update the website with new hijabs for the season and according to the needs of our customers.


Why should moms keep style in mind when it comes to hijabs?

Mothers want to feel and look good but may not have the time to do so. My simple style for beginners is an easy tutorial as it allows you to wrap the hijab in under a minute. This is great for mothers on the go! (To view that video click on the link:


Is there controversy in putting style as a factor when it comes to this headress?

Yes there is controversy surrounding this issue and a difference of opinion, but I ultimately want to show others that hijab can be beautiful, stylish and a part of everyday wear.


Do you ship internationally?

We ship to most countries around the world and have received orders as far as Mauritius and Singapore.


For more info visit:


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