Top 5 Décor Tips for Spring/Summer 2012


By Pamela Arora, Guest Blogger, Turquoise Palace

So what’s in this spring for your space, your living area or bedroom area? Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower?

Here are our top 5 tips for 2012 that can help you make a statement:

1) Go ‘Global Chic’. It’s about creating a world traveled look. Think of it as a melting pot for natural fibres, worldly finds and exotic textiles. Layer textures (think leather, faux snake skin, reclaimed wood, ceramics) and patterns (think ikat prints, ethnic motifs) around the room to provide warmth and a modern, fresh look.


2) Metal is now. From aluminum to hammered steel to delicate wire, designers are truly appreciating the versatility of metal. There is a place for it in every room of the house.


3) Be cheeky with colour! Work vibrant pops of colour into a room – tangerine, citrine, indigo, plum – via accents, drapery and rugs. Ground it with a neutral backdrop.


4) Create attractive contrasts. Mix décor accessories, combining silks and luxurious wools, velvet and natural stone, shiny metal and wood. These combinations add charm and unique character to a contemporary interior setting.


5) Consider paisley the timeless, whimsical pattern that swirls its way into our hearts and home. Continuing to make appearances on the fashion runways of the world and on home accessories like decorative pillows, throws and drapery, this pretty teardrop print isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.




Who is Turquoise Palace? Here’s our masalamommas interview with Pamela & Tanya, co-founders of The Turquoise Palace

What inspired you both to start this company? What need does it fill?

We both have a passion for beautiful, unique things! We constantly had conversations about wanting to see furniture and lifestyle pieces that were more artful and that would add real character to a home. We just felt that the market was saturated with cookie-cutter pieces. Since we both have roots in India (Tanya grew up there, and I would frequently visit India to see family), we knew there was a lot of potential in terms of tapping into the diversity, the artisan network and the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of luxury products in India. We want to expose these treasures to the North American market!


How are you unique?

It starts with us…we are what is different. The product is only one part of our business – just as important is the time and effort we spend in finding the right people who take pride in their work ethic and what they bring to the table, which is usually a handcrafted skill that has been passed down from one generation to the next.


I understand you two are good friends…we all hear those warnings about getting into business with friends…how have you managed to make it work?

We are friends first. We respect our friendship and would never let the business get in the way of that. We are also brutally honest with each other and equally dedicated to seeing our ideas, concepts and business evolve each day.


How do you choose your products?

We travel through India and meet with artisans. It really is a matter of something jumping out at us – it’s a gut instinct. Firstly, we ask ourselves: are you in LOVE with it, i.e. would I place it in my home and cherish the piece? If the answer is yes, only then will we consider adding it to our collection. Secondly, we are a fair trade company, so we choose products that have been made in an environment where workers are treated with respect and paid fair wages for their skills.  We also steer clear of trends, always designing and finding pieces that inspire us, and we love working with the true beauty of natural materials. We are perfectionists in our quality, and our collections are limited, so each piece is truly unique.


Can you describe the pieces you have and how they fit into a look of a home?

We would definitely say that our collections are made up of statement pieces. Whether it is a decorative throw pillow that we’ve designed or an ottoman that we have found, you can see the detail that has gone into them. We’re not stuck in one category either – there is a piece to suit every taste or look.

What do moms need to know about child friendly pieces you might have?

Some designers who are decorating children’s rooms have taken notice of our metal wire table/ottomans (called Magnificent Metal). They are about 10 inches high and 30 inches in diameter. They are like round little pods – there are no corners involved, which is great for kids! They are also made of a dense metal wire weave, so they are highly durable. They are great for children to sit around and treat as a little table. We also have throw pillows in some really fun colours and motifs, which are pretty to use in a girls bedroom.


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